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Best Lighted Makeup Mirror
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You don’t need to be a social media influencer these days to recognize the importance of impeccable makeup although if you are, then you will certainly appreciate a lighted makeup mirror which has no doubt become your new BFF. With the latest trends towards contouring, blending and baking, it’s never been more essential to have a high-tech vanity mirror that will ensure that your makeup is always on fleek and you don’t end up leaving the house looking like a bad case of painting by numbers!

When it comes to the good old routine of applying your daily makeup, it’s no longer adequate just to grab your hand mirror and dig out your favorite brush. Light-up makeup mirrors are all the rage and are packed with illuminating technology that will highlight those imperfections, making it easier to apply your makeup flawlessly, enhance those last minute touchups and better still, master the techniques like a total pro.

The time is now to “glow up” and to get ready for your closeup! So let’s put the spotlight on three of the best-lighted makeup mirrors that will amp up your style and beauty game and help accentuate your true beauty. A clever mirror really can be a makeup game changer, and you needn’t blow your entire cosmetics budget on one either.

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Anjou LED Battery Powered Vanity Mirror

The first lighted makeup mirror we’re reviewing today comes from Anjou, and it features two different magnitudes so that you can really hone in on that flawless makeup finish. Besides the standard view that provides a clear image of your face, there’s also a 7x magnification mirror which delivers an incredibly sharp and detailed close up so that you can completely finesse targeted areas. You can zoom in on your eyes, brows, chin or anywhere else that you want to lavish with careful attention.

Whether you are creating a winged eye which requires a very steady and precise hand or plucking those brows to ensure they are preened to perfection, with the 7x magnification effect as well as an optional light, you can pay careful attention to the job in hand. You can operate this light both with and without the full circle LED light with a simple press of the button. The mirror is double sided and conveniently rotates through a full 360 degrees.

It measures 7.8” x 2.3” x 10.5” inches and weighs 1.13 pounds so will nicely sit on top of your vanity console or wherever else you generally apply your makeup. It’s conveniently battery operated, taking 3 x AA batteries which are included with your purchase. It’s an excellent and inexpensive countertop cosmetic makeup mirror that will reveal your true beauty, every day.


  • Battery powered
  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Standard magnification
  • 7x magnification
  • Double sided
  • Easy to operate
  • Bright, uniform LED ring light
  • Portable


  • Poor battery life


Absolutely Lush Trifold LED Magnifying Vanity Mirror

If you want to ensure that you always look absolutely fabulous, then you’re going to love this dimmable LED magnifying mirror from Absolutely Lush. Not only does the price represent excellent value for money, but this touch-sensitive vanity mirror has so much going for it. We love the fact that the amount of light is dimmable putting you in total control of how much light you require. If you’re going for a natural daylight look, then just dim the screen, or if you need to apply false lashes and a detailed smoky eye, then amp up the volume so that you can really get a great view of all the finer details.

This mirror features 180-degree swivel rotation so that you can always find your perfect angle and for a more detailed and precise view, you can use either the 2x or 3x magnifying mirrors on the left-hand side of this trifold design vanity mirror. Better still, the Absolutely Lush mirror is cordless, lightweight and therefore totally portable.

It can be either USB charged or operated with batteries which aren’t included. However, a 1m USB cable is included as well as a 12-month warranty. This mirror measures 9.5” high by 13.6” wide and delivers a clear high definition detailed image of your face.


  • Battery and USB powered
  • 180-degree vertical rotation
  • Standard magnification
  • 2 and 3 x magnification
  • Trifold design
  • Touch screen dimmer switch
  • Dimmable LED light
  • Portable


  • Batteries aren’t included


Jerdon HL65N Lighted Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror

If you prefer to have wall mounted access to your vanity mirror, so it’s always precisely on hand where you need it most, then this Jerdon mirror is both a stylish and practical solution. It’s more expensive than the other more portable units that we’ve so far reviewed, but the Jerdon HL65N leads the way in its category, and with its guaranteed fog-free light it is found in luxury hotels and spas around the world.

It’s made from high-end materials and comes with a nickel finish. The mirror is 8” in diameter and extends on the arm 13” from the wall. The mirror itself swivels through a full 360 degrees and can be used with either a standard view or  5x magnification so that you can expertly see every beautiful detail. With a bright and even halo LED light around the perimeter of the mirror, you get a clear and fog-free illuminated view even if you are using the mirror in a bathroom setting.

This Jerdon mirror won’t only ensure that you look more glamorous, it will also bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to your home. Just switch on the rotary knob on the oval base to activate the halo lighting whenever you need it. Your unit comes with the mounting hardware you need as well as an additional replacement 25-watt lightbulb.


  • Wall mounted
  • Nickel plated
  • Standard illumination
  • 5 x magnification
  • On/off rotary knob
  • Fog and condensation free
  • LED halo lighting ring
  • Replacement lightbulb included


  • Not portable


Final Verdict

Three very different mirrors both budget-wise and also looks-wise but all have one thing in common – magnificent magnification and excellent LED halo lighting.

If you’re looking for something small, portable and budget-friendly, then the Anjou battery powered LED Mirror is a smart choice. If you prefer a folding mirror that will pack flat so that you can easily take it on your travels and it can also be conveniently charged via USB, then the Absolutely Lush trifold mirror gets a thumbs up. Finally, if you are looking for something that is going to be a permanent and glamorous fixture in your bathroom and bring a spa-like quality to your home, then check out the Jerdon 5x magnification wall mounted lighted mirror. All three of the products we’ve selected are excellent recommendations.