Best Makeup Mirror of 2021 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Makeup Mirror Reviews

Best Makeup Mirror
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Your makeup routine requires artistry and precision. And having the right makeup mirror is key to making sure every shade and highlight is just right.

But -

If you’re using a standard bathroom mirror, it may be time for an upgrade.

There are many different mirrors on the market. Having the right one can enhance your beauty routine.

However, everyone has different preferences.

If you’re looking for the best makeup mirror on the market, keep reading.

These mirrors have the key features that you need to apply your makeup with ease. 

Get ready to take your beauty routine to the next level and check out these selections.

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Comparison Chart

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror – Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror; 1x/7x magnification; Oiled Bronze Finish

KOOLORBS Makeup 21 Led Vanity Mirror with Lights, 1x/2x/3x Magnification, Touch Screen Switch, 180 Degree Rotation , Dual Power Supply White

EASEHOLD Makeup Mirror Vanity Lighted with 38 LED Soft Natural Light 2x/5x/10x Magnifying Ultra-Thin Portable 180 and 90 Rotation for Countertop Bathroom (White)

Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror 36 LED Lights Touch-Screen Light Control, Tri-Fold 1/2/3X Magnification, Portable High-Definition Clarity Cosmetic Light Up Magnifying Mirror (Arctic White)

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, White Finish

Best Makeup Mirror Reviews

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you have a little extra to spend, Conair’s lighted makeup mirror may be a good option. A little name recognition may go a long way, and Conair is a familiar brand name for household beauty products.

This tabletop mirror does have its drawbacks. But its attractive design may make it appealing for anyone looking to add to a room’s décor.

Product Highlights

This mirror has a classic vintage style that may be appealing to users who want an attractive mirror to leave on the counter.

It has a 7 x 9.5-inch oval surface that rotates 360 degrees as a double-sided mirror.

One side is a traditional mirror while the other offers 7X magnification.

The magnification power may be too strong for most makeup application needs, but some find it convenient for plucking stray hairs. It’s also a good option if you have vision problems.

In addition, it features the coveted halo ring of soft white lights that illuminate the face during makeup application.

This is a plug-in mirror, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences; it has a convenient on/off switch on the cord.

What's to like about it?

This mirror is attractive enough to leave out on your countertop all day. This may eliminate the need to tuck it out of sight when not in use, and therefore minimizing the setup time for your daily routine. 

It also has a good-sized surface and soft halo lights for better makeup application.

What's not to like about it?

The magnification, however, may be too strong for most users, and many may find that they don’t use it all, which can reduce the value of the mirror. In addition, despite its attractiveness, you do need a surface to set up the mirror as well as an outlet if you plan on using the lights.

Furthermore, prolonged use may make the metal of the mirror very warm – not hot enough to cause burns, but it may be a concern for some users with small children in the house. This can be mitigated by turning the mirror off when not in use.


  • Attractive, available in 3 finishes
  • Soft white halo of light
  • Lasts a long time


  • Can get hot if kept lit
  • 7x magnification too strong for general makeup use
  • The light may not be bright enough for some users

Wondruz Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

For those of you seeking a large tabletop mirror, this one may fit the bill.

This tri-fold mirror by Wondruz offers more mirror surface for better makeup application. It also folds up for easy storage when not in use.

Product Highlights

This relatively inexpensive tri-fold mirror has all the basics that you need for a makeup mirror. It features 2x and 3x magnification for precision work. However, those that need stronger magnification for hair plucking may find it not strong enough.

Additionally, there are 24 LED bulbs around the main mirror surface, and you can adjust the brightness with a touch control at the bottom of the mirror.

However, this mirror does not have lights around the magnification mirrors on the side so you may need to make do with the illumination from the center.

Don’t open the side mirrors all the way and they’ll look as if lighted.

There are 2 power sources for the mirror. You can either use 4 AA batteries, or you can use the USB plug included with the mirror.

Keep in mind, however, that the mirror does not come with a USB adapter to plug into the wall, but you may have a spare one lying around, so this might be a non-issue for most users.

Furthermore, the actual cable is 36 inches long. Depending on where your electrical socket is, this may be too short to use at your chosen table top.

However, any USB plug powers the mirror so you can use a longer one if you have one handy.

Lastly, this mirror does not store power, so you can either have it plugged in to use the light or you can use the battery option. The company does advise, though, that you don’t use both at the same time.

What's to like about it?

Like many tri-fold mirrors, this one gives you different magnification choices without having to move the mirror around.

But if you need to hold it up, the plastic housing is light enough to do so comfortably. It also swivels 180 degrees to get just the right angle.

Additionally, the surface is also large enough to use for styling your hair without needing an additional mirror.

It has a tactile dimmer as well as a traditional on/off switch.

What's not to like about it?

One of the main drawbacks about this mirror is the lighting. Many competitors have over 30 LED bulbs, whereas this mirror only has 24.

That may not make much of a difference because the light emitted is bright, but some users may want to opt for a brighter mirror.

Furthermore, the lighting only goes around the main central mirror. For many, the illumination may still be enough for precision work on one of the side magnification mirrors, but it might become inconvenient.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Dual power sources


  • Weak lighting
  • Lighting is only around the central mirror
  • Cheap plastic housing

Easehold Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

Easehold delivers an alternative tri-fold makeup mirror that’s light enough to take with you when you travel.

It’s sleek and relatively small for a tabletop mirror, so it also won’t overcrowd your vanity table.

Product Highlights

The thin profile and rounded edges make this tri-fold mirror a sleek option to add to your makeup table.

And it’s a good solution for those who don’t have a lot of counter space. It features a plastic base with convenient storage for small items like rings and lipstick.

In addition, the mirror features 3 additional magnification options: 2x, 5x, and 10x. It also rotates 180 degrees and pivots 90 degrees so you always have the right angle.

The lighting comes from 38 LED lights surrounding the center mirror.

Unfortunately, like other mirrors in this class, it is only around the main mirror. This may make it difficult to see when using one of the side mirrors.

The touch sensor for adjusting the light or switching it on and off is directly on the mirror, and you can power the mirror using 4 AAA batteries or a USB cord.

Like other makeup mirrors, this one also doesn’t hold a charge so you will need a power source to use the built-in light.

What's to like about it?

The mirror is relatively small and lightweight. This may be a deal-breaker for some who may want a greater surface view for makeup application.

However, this is a good option if you have limited counter space or would like to travel with the mirror.

What's not to like about it?

Unfortunately, using the battery power option doesn’t last very long, and you may find yourself replacing batteries frequently.

Additionally, the quality control is not that great for this mirror, so durability may vary. Some customers received an entirely different mirror than the one advertised.


  • Thin and relatively small
  • Runs on battery or USB
  • Up to 10x magnification
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t hold positions
  • Potential Quality Control issues
  • Low brightness

Beautyworks Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lightweight and slim, this tri-fold makeup mirror by Beautyworks is a good option if you want to take your makeup mirror with you when you travel.

It also works well for customers who have limited space to do their makeup.

Product Highlights

Similar to other tri-fold makeup mirrors, the Beautyworks mirror is compact and light for travel or home use. The 10.75” x 7” central mirror is a little smaller than letter-size copy paper; the side mirrors fold in flat for protection and storage.

The left panel has 2x and a 3x magnification mirrors while the middle mirror has 1x magnification. The right panel, on the other hand, has an unmagnified standard mirror.

Additionally, the dual battery and USB cord power options are relatively standard for this type of mirror.

However, excessive battery drain may make it more economical to plug in the mirror instead.

What's to like about it?

What makes this tri-fold mirror stand out from the competition is the lifetime warranty that comes with it.

The features are similar to other mirrors on the market; however, the warranty makes this mirror appealing because the company replaces it for free if any issues come up.

What's not to like about it?

The lights are dimmer than you would expect, especially when using batteries to power the mirror.

The light emitted is also slightly bluish which can wash out the face and lead to over application. Still, the slight blue tone may not be noticeable unless you look for it.


  • Compact
  • Battery backup power source
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Excessive battery drain
  • Slight blue hue to the lighting

Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

Jerdon started in the hospitality industry in the 1970s.

Decades later, the company is a distributor of beauty appliances and bath accessories, so if you’re looking for a makeup mirror from a trusted name, this one may be the one for you.

Product Highlights

The Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror features adjustable 1x and 5x magnification in the center mirror.

Simply swivel the mirror to change the magnification. With two side panel mirrors, this Jerdon offers a true panoramic view for makeup application.

In addition, it also has 4 adjustable light settings with color corrective lighting for different environments: daytime, nighttime, home, and office.

It also has an electrical outlet on the front of the mirror to plug in any small appliance that you may need while getting ready.

What's to like about it?

One of the great things about this mirror is its full panoramic view. You can adjust the side panels to see your makeup artistry from any angle.

What's not to like about it?

Proper lighting can make all the difference between a makeup guru and a makeup clown, and unfortunately, the lighting on this is one of the negatives about this mirror.

It isn’t a good idea to use fluorescent lighting to put on makeup because it makes all the imperfections disappear, and that, in turn, makes it difficult to see the imperfections and cover them correctly.

Additionally, the adjustable light settings add different color films to the fluorescent bulbs but none of them mimic natural light.


  • Panoramic view
  • Single outlet in front of the mirror
  • Folds flat


  • Fluorescent, hued lights
  • Dated look
  • Flimsy white plastic housing


Like makeup, mirrors aren’t one size fits all, and they shouldn’t be because everyone has different reflection needs.

To find the best makeup mirror for you, it’s a good idea to pinpoint and prioritize those needs.

Take a look at some common features found on many makeup mirrors on the market.

Types of Makeup Mirrors

First, determine what type of makeup mirror suits your needs. This is strictly preference, as each one has positive and negative aspects.


Just as the name implies, a tabletop mirror requires a table or other surface to rest the mirror on top.

This can be a bathroom counter, vanity table, or wherever you do your beauty routine. They are the most common type of mirror and you can move them easily from room to room or storage.

However, they are also generally double-sided. Because of this, they may be too fragile to use during travel.

Handheld or compact

Compact and handheld mirrors are the best option to use on the go.

Generally, they are made of plastic so they aren’t as fragile, and you can stand some models up for easier makeup application.

These are also the most common types to keep in a purse or bag for quick touch-ups.

The magnification and clarity quality may suffer a little because of the plastic materials. However, many people find them sufficient for travel.


Another popular type, the tri-fold mirror folds down for easy storage. They are usually tabletop style, but you may find some that are travel-sized or wall mountable.

Furthermore, some tri-fold mirrors offer additional magnification, but even if the mirror doesn’t magnify, it does offer additional viewing angles that are sometimes necessary for complex makeup application.


Next, wall-mounted mirrors are also exactly what they sound like. These mirrors are popular to keep in the bathroom, but you can also mount it in any room where you do your beauty routine.

These types are relatively permanent, though. So you have to consider the most ideal place to mount your mirror.

Wall-mounted mirrors usually have some type of magnification, too.

They can also double as shaving mirrors which is why they are often mounted in the bathroom. The mounting type varies from screws to suction cups.


Lastly, not all makeup mirrors are lighted however, they are relatively common because makeup looks different in different lights.

Lighted mirrors are especially popular if you have bad lighting in the bathroom or other room where you apply makeup.

In general, natural light works the best but if you need a little boost, go for incandescent or LED lights.

Fluorescent lights are typically not advised for makeup application because it distorts the skin’s real appearance.


How much magnification do you need? That answer depends on the person.

Makeup mirrors come in a wide range of magnification from 1x to 15x. Just remember that the higher the magnification, the smaller your field of view will be.

Generally, very high magnification isn’t recommended for makeup application because you can’t see the entire face.

However, it may be appropriate for precision work such as eyeliner or eye shadow application.


Makeup mirror sizes vary so you should be able to choose one that’s perfect for your needs.

Grab a handheld or compact one to keep in your purse when you’re out of the house. Or pick a larger tabletop for home use.

Power Source

Some makeup mirror features require a power source.

Whether it’s batteries or a plug is something you may need to contend with, especially if where you want to use your mirror is not next to an outlet, or if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of changing batteries.

Mirror Styles and Designs

Lastly, mirrors are no longer simply mirrors and makeup mirrors come in a variety of designs and finishes that can complement your room’s decor.

Antique brass, stainless steel, and timeless white are examples of options you may choose from.

Alternatively, travel and compact mirrors come in a variety of designs and prints that make it easy to express yourself with this little accessory.


What is a Makeup Mirror?

A makeup mirror is a relatively small mirror that makes putting on makeup a little easier. They are usually smaller than a standard bathroom mirror but they allow the user to see the details needed for smooth application. Some are lighted to provide better illumination, but this may not be needed in a well-lit room.

How to Choose Makeup Mirror

Choosing a makeup mirror depends on your personal preferences and needs. Here are some points to prioritize when picking out a mirror:

Type and location

If you plan on traveling with it, smaller handheld or compact mirrors may be ideal.

However, if you plan on using it primarily at home, you may be able to use a larger tabletop or wall-mounted mirror.

To light or not to light

In addition, consider your lighting situation and whether or not you can benefit from a lighted mirror.

They are considered the ideal makeup mirror, but in a well-lit room, they may not be needed.

Alternatively, you can also look into lighted mirrors that have a dimmer that may help in different light situations.


Furthermore, your magnification needs are also important. Generally, for makeup application, you may not need more than 5x magnification.

However, anyone with vision problems may find it easier to apply makeup using a stronger magnification.


Lastly, your budget may play a large part in choosing the perfect makeup mirror.

Spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean a superior product. Durability and quality may differ depending on your spending range.

Fortunately, makeup mirrors are generally inexpensive so you may find one that’s both perfect for your needs and very affordable.

How Does a Magnifying Mirror Work?

A magnifying mirror has a concave surface that makes objects appear larger. The surface bulges inward and causes the light to diverge off of the surface. Unlike a standard flat mirror, concave mirrors bend the light, causing a difference in reflection.

What Is a Good Lighted Makeup Mirror?

Lighted makeup mirrors may cast different tones like cool, warm, or neutral.

Having the wrong lighting can lead to over- or under-application, so it’s important to pay attention to your lighting source when applying makeup.

Ideally, natural sunlight is the best light for makeup application.

But if that’s simply not possible, incandescent lighting is the next best thing. The warm, flattering hues from these bulbs can help you apply makeup evenly.

LED lights are also another good option. However, stay away from rose, yellow, or fluorescent bulbs as they don’t give a realistic view of the face.

How to Use a Ring Light for Makeup

Generally used by photographers and YouTubers, a ring light can diffuse the light around the subject and reduce the appearance of shadows.

It also doesn’t wash out the face or cause changes in contours. Photos and videos aren’t the only places to find ring lights, though.

You can use a ring light for makeup application. In fact, your favorite YouTuber probably uses it for their makeup tutorials.


It enhances facial features and has the added benefit of showing a product’s true colors, both of which are integral when applying and reviewing makeup.

If you want to try a ring light at home, there are plenty of makeup mirrors that have them built in.

Otherwise, you can also buy one separately or make one yourself at home. Just remember to position the light directly in front of your face to avoid unsightly shadows.


The best makeup mirror depends on many factors, but if you have the space for it, one of the best makeup mirrors on the market is the Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror.

It provides the right type of light but needs a dedicated power source. The Conair makeup mirror is also stylish enough to keep on the counter.

However, if you must have a tri-fold mirror, the Wondruz Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror is a good option. With 24 dimmable LED lights and 2 magnification levels, this budget-friendly mirror may be just what you need for precision application.

Finding the right makeup mirror may take a few tries because people have different needs when it comes to mirrors, and you may be pickier than others about features like lighting or magnification.

But, like finding a good makeup brush, the right makeup mirror is indispensable, and this list can help point you in the right direction.