Best Travel Makeup Mirror of 2021

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Best Travel Makeup Mirror
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Applying flawless makeup whilst traveling is not as is easy it is when you're home and have all the right tools at your finger tips.

And as you know the right lighting can make or break your look. So don’t settle for hotel room lighting.

But the answer is a good travel mirror! 

Our favorite on-the-go make mirror is the Simplehuman mini lighted travel mirror. It is compact and packs flat, has a 10x magnification and provides the perfect lighting for a perfect makeup application day and night.

You can find it here.

Or, if you'd like more alternatives, then carry on reading all about our 5 best travel makeup mirrors for your needs.

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Comparison Chart

7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror. Warm LED Tap Bathroom Vanity Mirror. Wireless & Compact Travel Mirror

Simplehuman Mini Sensor Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror 5″ Round, 10x Magnification, Stainless Steel, Rechargeable

Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home 10x Magnifying Mirror

Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror, 1x/10x Magnification – Daylight LED, Compact, Portable, Large 5” Wide Illuminated Folding Mirror

Makeup Mirror, Sanvaree Portable Vanity Mirror with Lights, Led Lighted Travel Mirror, Cosmetic Mirror with 12 Led Lights and 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying (Black)

Best Travel Makeup Mirror Reviews

Upper West Collection Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

If you want the convenience of a lighted makeup mirror anywhere, the Upper West Collection cordless mirror is a good option.

With a powerful suction cup, you can stand it on a horizontal surface or mount it on a wall wherever you happen to be.


One of the biggest draws behind this mirror is the ability to take it with you to another room or across the world.

This cordless mirror is powered by 3 AA batteries, and it comes with a travel bag with battery pouch for easy air travel.

It weighs a little more than 10 ounces, so lightweight may be relative.

In addition, the mirror comes equipped with an easy on/off touch button at the top of the mirror and emits warm light that mimics natural daylight.

There have been some complaints that the on/off switch sometimes malfunctioning.

When it does, you’ll have to manually remove the batteries to turn off the lights.

Furthermore, it can also be swiveled 360 degrees so you always have the perfect angle.

This may work well as an addition to a normal mirror, or it can do double duty as a shaving mirror.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a magnification mirror. As such, you have a choice of 5x or 7x magnification when you purchase it; the magnification levels may be too strong for standard makeup applications.

Finally, the mirror is small. It’s larger than a standard compact mirror. But it isn’t as big as other makeup mirrors. At 8.3” x 3.5” x 8.3”, the usable mirror area is about 6 inches across.


  • Portable
  • Lighted
  • Cordless


  • Dim lights
  • Available with magnification only

Want to know more, then check out our detailed review of the Upper West Collection mirror.

Simplehuman Mini Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

Traveling can be rough but you don’t need to leave your makeup mirror behind when you have to hit the road.

The Simplehuman makeup mirror may be more like the traditional makeup mirrors you’re used to – with a few modern perks.


Are you tired of cheap plastic mirrors, or dealing with suction cups that inevitably fail?

Why not use a makeup mirror that you can easily take with you from home to the hotel room?

This mirror may be small at 5” round, but it does have 10x magnification for precise makeup application.

With a brushed stainless steel finish, it’s a sleek twist to a timeless classic.

Adjust it to the height you need. At its lowest, it’s 9” tall but it can go up to 11.7” at the highest. And you can swivel the mirror to the perfect position.

The Tru-Lux light system emits a natural glow like sunlight for perfect and flawless color application; the surgical-grade LEDs are good for 40,000 hours. In addition, the mirror also has a sensor that switches on the lights when your face gets close but turns off when you walk away.

Unlike other mirrors on the market, this one has a built-in rechargeable battery. A single charge can last up to 5 weeks.

Lastly, the mirror folds flat and comes with a firm travel case. It packs easily into your luggage. However, it’s a little over a pound.


  • Rechargeable
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Comes with hardshell travel case
  • Light sensor


  • Relatively expensive

Check out our detailed Simplehuman mirror review.

Floxite LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

This simple Floxite LED mirror is small enough to take with you but large enough to handle all your beauty routine needs.

The slim profile and easy clamshell design give you the comforts of home when you’re living out of a suitcase.


The Floxite LED lighted mirror has a simple plastic clamshell design that lacks the exciting bells and whistles of some competitors, but for some people, that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

The cover folds back to form a base for the mirror. However, the compromise for this slim design is that you can’t adjust the angles or height without physically propping the mirror.

Like many lighted travel mirrors, this one is powered by batteries, and it has lights around the circumference of the mirror.

The lights are a little dim, but many find that the brightness is sufficient for dim hotel bathrooms.

In addition, rather than a standard makeup mirror, this is more like a magnifying mirror, so you can’t choose between standard and magnified views.

It’s not double-sided; however, when you purchase the mirror, you can choose between 5x and 10x magnification.

Furthermore, there is a slight distortion around the edges of the mirror. Because the viewing surface is also small, you may have to hold it close to your face to get a clear view.

Also, though the mirror folds flat for easy transport, it’s by no means the size of a compact. At 9.25” x 7” with a 6” viewing diameter, you may need to make some accommodations to fit it into your luggage.


  • Slim clamshell design
  • Simple design
  • 5x or 10x magnification versions


  • Flimsy plastic hinges
  • Slight mirror distortion

Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

The Fancii makeup mirror is a good choice for anyone who wants a travel mirror that’s like their makeup compact.

But unlike your makeup compact, this mirror is lighted with two viewing mirrors; it’s a great addition for flawless touch-ups on the go.


Get two levels of magnification in one convenient compact.

The Fancii makeup mirror offers 1x and 10x magnification in one handheld design.

Keep in mind that while it is compact-like and small enough to hold in one hand, it is larger than a standard compact. The overall dimensions are 5.1” diameter and 1” thick. This may be a pro or con depending on your individual needs.

Bright LED lights mimic natural sunlight. And they’re energy efficient, too, using 60% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Unfortunately, some customers have noted that the light is slightly cool toned, which may give the skin a slightly washed-out cast.

In addition, the LED lights surround the 1x mirror, but there is no additional illumination for the 10x magnification side. However, you can play off the light reflection when using the unlighted mirror.

Lastly, the mirror may be great for touch-ups but applying a full face of makeup may be awkward for some people.

You can only hold it in your hand or prop it up on a countertop which may be inconvenient for conventional makeup application.


  • Compact
  • Comes with batteries
  • 2 magnifications


  • Limited angling and positioning options
  • Slightly cool-toned lighting

Sanvaree Tri-Fold Travel Makeup Mirror

Do you love your tri-fold mirror and wish you could take it with you?

Sanvaree gives you the option with this lighted tri-fold mirror. Light up and magnify with this purse-sized makeup mirror.


This tri-fold makeup mirror by Sanvaree is like the makeup mirror you have at home, only smaller. With dimensions of 6.06” x 4.8” x 0.55”, you can slip it into a purse or bag easily for travel.

The left split panel features 10x and 3x magnification while the right panel has 2x magnification.

The central mirror is surrounded by 12 heart-shaped LED lights. No, it doesn’t give you the halo illumination effect, but it may provide enough light for applying makeup in dim rooms.

Powered by 2 lithium coin cell batteries, the package also comes with spare batteries to keep with you when you’re on the go. And there is a convenient on/off switch on the back to conserve energy effectively.

In addition, there is a small kickstand on the back of the mirror made from the same ABS plastic as the housing.

Unfortunately, the mirror is relatively small, and it’s not adjustable.

Lastly, the inexpensive price may make this appealing to budget-minded consumers despite some of its drawbacks.


  • Inexpensive
  • Tri-fold mirror
  • 3 magnification options


  • Dim lights
  • Cheap construction


Keeping up with your beauty routine may be challenging when you’re on the road. Dim bathroom lights and distorted hotel mirrors can make it difficult for you to look your best when you’re far from home. But with the right travel mirror, you can maintain your flawless makeup routine without missing a beat.

If you’re looking for the best travel makeup mirror, the Simplehuman Mini Sensor Lighted Makeup Mirror is a good candidate.

It’s lighted and adjustable to get the perfect angles for your precision artistry. In addition, it’s USB rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about a power source when you’re on the road. It also folds down flat and comes with its own convenient case.

It is available here on Amazon.

However, if you want something smaller and budget-friendly, the Sanvaree Makeup Mirror is an alternative option.

It offers 3 magnifying choices and is lighted as well. You can also fold the panels down to fit it into your purse or carry-on.

Travel can be rough. But you can make sure you look your best with the right travel makeup mirror.