You’re thinking how much easier your morning routine would be if you could put a mirror in the shower for grooming activities such as shaving and your face cleansing routine.

Can You Put a Mirror in the Shower?

But then, questions pop up, and the doubt creeps in, and you wonder if it’s a good idea or not.

Let’s explore common questions regarding the notion of putting a mirror in the shower. You do have options for this time-saving idea.

But first, should you even do this?

Should You Put a Mirror in the Shower?

Whether you should put a mirror in the shower may depend on how much common sense you have.

Really, it does.

If you attach a breakable mirror in an insecure way to a wet shower wall, it’s likely a recipe for disaster and potential injury.

Plus, it could break a number of safety regulations.

Mirrors for bathrooms are designed for that type of damp environment. So, sticking any old kind of mirror to the wall or in the shower creates any number of hazards, and someone could get hurt.

You’d never place something like a large leaning mirror in a shower stall. It isn’t meant to go there.

However, if you use a mirror designed for shower use, and attach it securely, then there’s no reason you couldn’t take advantage of this convenient grooming method.

So, should you put a mirror in your shower? Sure, if you want to, provided you do it properly, using the right kind of mirror, and follow any safety regulations.

How Do You Install a Shower Mirror?

If you’re unsure how to go about attaching a shower mirror, you can:

  • Follow the instructions that come with any product you buy.
  • Ask for advice at a local hardware store.
  • Have someone do it for you, especially if it’s being mounted to a wall permanently.
  • Do an online search for instructions or a video. (If they follow safety regulations.)

Mirrors in showers are frequently attached using suction cups, adhesive, mounted to a wall, or hung on a hook or the shower head neck.

Where Should You Place a Mirror in the Shower?

Generally, you’ll want to place the shower mirror conveniently where you won’t easily bump it with elbows, your body, a shampoo bottle, or a towel.

Many people avoid directly under the shower head as this space tends to be crowded and busy.

It might make more sense to attach it to the inside of the shower door, a tile wall, or the far wall of the shower.

You’ll know best what your shower stall looks like and which positioning will make the most sense in your situation.

Again, if the mirror is to be permanently attached to a wall, and you’re unsure how to do that, it would be best to have a professional do the job.

Can Mirrors Get Water Damage?

Yes, a mirror can get water damage, and it can interfere with the reflection. This is sometimes an issue in bathrooms, especially if they don’t have proper ventilation.

The main problem with moisture and mirrors is something called desilvering. Water gets into the backing and causes black spots and edges on the reflection side of the mirror.

If you install a mirror in a shower, it is best to use a specially designed mirror meant for this purpose.

If you don’t use an appropriate product, the amount of moisture in a shower will quickly cause damage to the mirror.

How Do You Keep a Mirror from Fogging Up in the Shower?

Having the mirror in the bathroom fog up from steam is a common problem. It’s important to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom to help with moisture control.

A vented fan will help, but there are also other options to help avoid frustration.

You can use the following products on a mirror every few weeks to help keep it from fogging up:

  • vinegar/water mixture (1:1)
  • shaving cream
  • soap bar
  • glycerine
  • special defogging solutions

You can also purchase a specially designed mirror that has defogging or anti-fog features built into it.

A product designed for the bathroom environment is more likely to get the job done without the frustration of steam blocking your view.

Can You Have a Mirror Wall in the Shower?

Building a mirror wall into the shower is likely something a professional should do or advise on.

You would need to make sure that the correct product is used and attached in a manner that meets all safety regulations.

No one would advise you to go out and buy a bunch of regular mirror tiles and stick them to the shower wall with adhesive.

Remember the part at the beginning of the post about common sense? Well, this would be a really foolish thing to do!

Can You Buy a Shower Mirror?

You can save yourself a lot of wondering and research if you buy a shower mirror designed to be safe and convenient to use in that setting.

Many manufacturers sell these types of mirrors with features built in to deal with a shower’s damp, slippery environment.

So yes, you can put a mirror in the shower for grooming convenience if you use the right product and keep safety uppermost in your considerations.

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