Chende Hollywood LED Dimmable Makeup Vanity Mirror

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Chende Hollywood LED Dimmable Makeup Vanity Mirror
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Did you know that as many as 7 out of 10 of us make mistakes applying our makeup and we never even realize we’ve made them? 

That’s because we just fail to apply our makeup in the correct light conditions, so the minute we step outside our unintentional flaws and imperfections are blatantly apparent for the world to see.

You don’t need to be an Instagram influencer with an army of followers to realize that lousy makeup is just a big no-no!

What you need is a mirror that enables you to correctly and professionally apply your makeup with absolute clarity and precision for flawless blending and perfect coverage.

Even if you checked your reflection in the mirror before you’ve left the house, chances are that you just haven’t applied your makeup in the correct lighting and so your mistakes are not visible to the naked eye until you head out into the real light.

Then, shock, horror!

You realize that the YouTube tutorial you were following doesn’t quite look the way you’d intended it to! That unflattering light in that small and pokey little handheld mirror you were using in your bedroom, really hasn’t done you justice and you haven’t achieved the flawless finish you were looking for.

So what then is the solution?

How do you ensure that you achieve camera ready results every time?

Step forward the Hollywood LED dimmable makeup vanity mirror from Chende. It’s about to put an end to all those bad hair and makeup days for good!

Chende Hollywood LED Dimmable Makeup Vanity Mirror

It’s very much a case of “lights, camera, action” with this truly stunning Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights from Chende.

We’re talking a mirror that is befitting of the A list celebrity glitterati that wouldn’t look out of place in the dressing rooms of the world’s most glamorous stars of Hollywood and Hidden Hills. If you know, you know, but let’s just say that with this kind of light projection in your home, all eyes will most definitely be on you!

This is the kind of illumination that shows your beauty and perfection as well as any imperfections – flaws and all! It is fully dimmable, so there’s no excuses for not blending or contouring like a consummate professional.

With this kind of light, you don’t need to worry about casting a shadow, and if you are going out in natural daylight as opposed to creating a full-on sassy evening look, you have the option to change the shade of light and illumination to match your mood as well as your setting.

You can see the true color of your makeup so that you can expertly and accurately blend and match it so that when you step outside, only your beauty is highlighted and not your makeup and lighting flaws.

Key Features

Elegant design and salon-grade construction

Your Hollywood-style makeup mirror will make a stylish and glamorous addition to any setting where you place it, including a bedroom or dressing room.

It’s a salon-grade piece of kit that will turn your home into a professional style makeup station ensuring the best possible flawless results.

You can choose to use it either on your tabletop or wall mounted according to your preferences and the space you have available.

High-quality aluminum alloy finish

This exquisite and eye-catching mirror is sprayed and finished with a sleek white gloss frame to look beautiful and aspirational and will bring a sense of old school Hollywood glamour to your bedroom.

Convenient and classic design

Incorporating handy sockets on either side, this multi-functional mirror design enables you to conveniently plug in a hair dryer so that you can complete your style.

Dimmable switch

The unit features smart rotated dimmer switch so that you can easily adjust the level of brightness to reflect the different environments needed for your finished makeup look.

Conveniently adjust to either 30%, 50% or 100% to fit your needs.

LED bulbs

The Chende unit uses standard size 2” replaceable LED bulbs that are 270 lumens bright and 4000K which provides the closest color to natural daylight.


  • Professional quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Dimmable Lights
  • Turn knob style dimmer
  • Warm White Light
  • 12 Full-sized LED globe bulbs included
  • Mirror can be used on table top or hung on a wall
  • Elegant design
  • Energy-saving
  • Safe and convenient


  • Bad quality pre-drilled holes
  • 1-month warranty only


What’s Included With Your Purchase?

What you are getting is 1 sleek and glossy white Hollywood makeup lighted mirror in an elegant tabletop design.

Additionally, your mirror comes with a metal hook so that if you prefer, you can conveniently mount it to the wall instead.

The mirror features 12 separate 110v dimmable LED bulbs.

Overall the mirror itself measures 25.6” x 19.7” x 2.4” and comes with an oval base which is sized at 26.77” x 22.83” x 0.98”.

You can check out the Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror in action here:


If you only have a maximum top budget of $100 to spend, but you still want access to a Hollywood-style lighted vanity mirror with touch control, then the Waneway model is a cost-effective option.

It features 12  3-watt dimmable LED bulbs and is easily operated without the need for any complicated wiring or assembly. It’s large enough to be used for all your makeup and grooming requirements and features 360-degree free rotation so it can be fixed in any position to provide you with the best possible angle.

A 12-volt adapter is included, and this mirror very cleverly features a memory function which automatically makes the mirror return to the last setting before it was switched off.

It features adjustable lightness settings so that you can achieve a clean, bright reflection for the flawless application of your chosen makeup look.

Final Thoughts

If you take your makeup and style seriously, then you deserve to have access to only the best lighting conditions to achieve flawless results every time.

While the Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror is certainly not the cheapest vanity mirror available, it looks every bit as elegant and glamorous as the results you can achieve by using it.

This lighted vanity mirror will bring a little bit of Hollywood into your home.

It’s quite literally light years ahead and will deliver the kind of results you will love. It’s easy to mount to the wall, uses premium LED’s and looks fabulous.