As technology evolves, so does the applications. And, makeup mirrors have evolved along with it. So, what is the best makeup mirror with Bluetooth? And, do you really need one?

Do You Need a Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth?

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What is the Best Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth?

Below, you’ll find information about makeup mirrors that come with Bluetooth, allowing you to stay connected while you apply makeup and other grooming routines.

These mirrors have used technology to upgrade what is offered with a traditional makeup mirror, but you’ll need to decide if they’re worth the investment.

What Does a Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Do?

Depending on the brand you purchase, a makeup mirror with Bluetooth may offer the following features:

Listen to Music

These mirrors have a speaker built in to allow you to listen to music while you apply makeup or other grooming tasks. You can also listen to tutorials while you work.

Hands-Free Phone Calls

Some mirrors offer the ability to carry on a phone call and conversation while you perform your routines.

Phone Charging

Some mirrors take advantage of technologies such as Qi that allows you to have wireless phone charging with a holder on the front of the mirror.

Note: Usually, the mirror must be plugged in to allow the phone to charge.

A Note about Skin Analysis and Voice Command

There are mirrors on the market that offer technology such as skin analysis and are Amazon-Alexa enabled. But don’t be fooled. These are basically tablets with a mirror.

It’s advisable to do lots of research before investing in one of these products because the ultimate aim of each is to encourage you to buy more makeup products.

And, you’ll pay a lot for technology that may or may not work well, or deliver on skincare improvements. You might just end up with an expensive electronic sales rep, pushing more products on you.

Do You Need a Mirror with Bluetooth?

Do you really need a mirror with Bluetooth?

We suggest you give careful consideration to whether some of the technologies in a makeup mirror are totally necessary.

It’s true that some features such as LED lights and magnification serve to increase convenience and work well in many cases, but is Bluetooth really a necessary feature?

Listening to music or tutorials can just as easily be accomplished by using your phone and other equipment you may already possess.

Is investing in a mirror with Bluetooth merely a more expensive duplication of equipment you already have at your disposal?

Only you can decide if you would benefit from having Bluetooth in your makeup mirror.

However, if you do like the idea and don’t want to spend a fortune for excessive features, we’ve provided an example below of one that will demonstrate what’s available, without breaking the bank.

Example of an Affordable Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth

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Hansong Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth

Hansong is a popular brand for makeup mirrors and offers a highly-rated example with Bluetooth and hands-free phone calls.

If you do want an affordable makeup mirror with Bluetooth, this mirror offers that feature, plus lights and an extra 10x magnification mirror with suction cups to reposition it.

It’s certainly advisable to proceed with caution where extra features and technology are concerned, but they can be useful in the right circumstances. Just be careful how much you spend to get them.

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