Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror Review

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Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror
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Quick Overview






  • Foldable
  • Bright lights


  • Batteries drain quickly
  • Shouldn't be used in a bathroom as no defogging
  • No tilt/swivel of mirror

The classic clamshell design of this folded Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror lends itself really well to great portability. The protective cover folds back to become a stand, which enables you to position this mirror on top of a dresser, counter, vanity, or in a hotel bathroom. It is hands-free and gives you a whopping 10X magnification over a regular flat mirror. Plus, it comes with long-lasting LED bulbs to clearly illuminate your face.

Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror

There is a generously sized 6” diameter to this magnifying mirror, so that you can use it for multiple purposes. It’s excellent for applying makeup, tweezing eyebrows, following a skincare regime, shaving your face, or attending to any other facial grooming needs. Since it folds down so small, it won’t take up any space in a vanity drawer or a suitcase. It’s a great space-saving alternative to larger, bulkier mirrors that don’t have these useful features.

Who is this for?

This Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror would be excellent for a traveler of any age. It’s made to fold shut. It has a neutral, smooth design that is great for either women or men to use. This would be a great first magnifying mirror for a teenager since it would fit nicely in a small bedroom; college students would appreciate this in cramped dorms, and first apartment dwellers are always looking to save space. Seniors could also enjoy using such a nice mirror, and anyone living in an RV or condo will appreciate its small size.

This is a real mirror, so it wouldn’t be suitable for children; it would break too easily.

What’s included?

This magnifying mirror comes with the mirror itself surrounded by eight bright LED lights. It comes with its own folding design that protects the mirror, so no need for a travel case. It also comes with the three required AAA batteries, so that you can get started using it at once. As for the return policy, it has the standard Amazon 30-day money back guarantee.

Overview of features

Sometimes the simplest products are also the best, because they don’t need a huge instruction manual to operate; anyone can get started using them, and they are always more convenient to operate than a gadget with all kinds of bells and whistles. This excellent Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror satisfies these requirements.

It has an oval shape, with a protective attached cover that flips back to form a stand. The 10X magnifying mirror is a concave shape, which bends light in order to magnify your reflection. There are eight bright and long-lasting LED bulbs surrounding the mirror itself. This mirror folds down to less than 1” thick, measures 7” wide, and 9.25” long, and would fit perfectly in a suitcase or drawer.

There are no ways to mount this mirror, either for horizontal or vertical surfaces. Its base is sturdy but the mirror itself doesn’t tilt or swivel; it is held at a permanent angle when folded back, so you can’t adjust it towards you without holding it in place. The batteries don’t last very long, so keep extras around.

Getting the most out of your magnifying mirror

To get the most out of this Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror, make sure the batteries are fully charged. Set it up on a vanity, bathroom counter, or the top of a dresser; it should be in a comfortable position so that you aren’t straining your back to lean forward towards the mirror. You can actually adjust the mirror height by sliding a towel underneath, but make sure it has stability.

The LEDs will last a very long time, so even with frequent use, you will have this mirror for several years to come. It doesn’t have any de-fogging capabilities, so it might be best used away from a bathroom setting. However, it doesn’t put out any heat. To really take care of it and ensure its longevity, consider purchasing a small, soft case for it.


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This Floxite Lighted 10x Magnifying Mirror is just one of those handy things to take with you on a trip, but it can also become a great part of your daily makeup or shaving routine. The 10X magnification and strong LED lights will reflect your face in more detail and clarity than you’ve probably ever seen. Whether you’re doing touchups before a night out on the town or double checking your look before an overseas business meeting, this simple little mirror will reflect well on you.

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