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Styling your hair, getting your brows on point, and applying makeup is never easy without a good mirror to guide you. What you need is a hands-free mirror of the right size and shape to see yourself clearly.

Plus, it should have the right magnification and be placed at just the right angle so that you can properly see your reflection and do the work easily.

Without a good mirror, everyday tasks as simple as shaving your beard or braiding your hair can lead to disastrous results.

But how do you determine which mirror is right for you?

You might have a large mirror placed on your vanity or one hanging on of your bedroom walls. Maybe you have one of those big, fancy mirrors with inbuilt lighting to ensure that your makeup is always spot on.

Or maybe you are amongst those people who rely only on their bathroom mirror to get ready for the day. Alternatively, you might have a small pocket-sized or a handheld mirror to aid you in applying makeup, shaving, or styling your hair.

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How inconvenient is it when you have to work your way through grooming with only one free hand because the other is occupied with holding up the mirror?

Blending your makeup or applying eyeliner that is on fleek becomes all the more difficult if you are trying to get a closer look and have to manage the task with just one hand.

And if you are a true DIY fan who prefers to trim their own hair rather than heading to the salon every time the need arises, you already know the struggle is real!

Giving yourself the perfect haircut at home is next to impossible because you have to alternate between holding the scissors and the handheld mirror countless times to check the overall progress.

But a mere mirror should not hold you back from looking your best.

What you need is a hands-free mirror - that gives you a full view of the front and back without slowing you down by compromising on your ability.

Even if you have a small tabletop mirror, it is highly likely that you would still be unable to get a closer view. And it goes without saying, that a tabletop mirror, no matter how useful, can still not give you a complete view of the back of your hair unless, well, you hold it up against another mirror.

A portable and compact, around-the-neck mirror that is truly ‘hands-free’ in every sense of the term is the ultimate mirror that you need to bring on your A-game!

This brings us to...

The Flexible Mirrorcle by Hands-Free Mirror

It’s not just supermodels or Instagram Influencers who need a great mirror.

Anyone who wants to avoid being embarrassed due to makeup mistakes, unbalanced eyeliner, less-than-perfect hairstyles, or a small stub of facial hair left behind unknowingly is well aware of the fact that they need a proper mirror to get ready.

The Flexible Mirrorcle by Hands-Free Mirror is just what you need to avoid these mistakes from occurring in the first place.

Specially designed to fit around your neck, this hands-free mirror gives you a full close-up of the face as well as a clear view of the back of your head.

A hands-free mirror means that you can work your way through the do-it-at-home haircut like a total pro. You can use it to apply color to the required areas of your graying hair, and curl and style your hair in whichever way you like without facing any hindrance at all.

Take the look at the key features of this ingenious beauty product that make the Flexible Mirrorcle a really unique hands-free mirror to see back of your hair.

Key Features of this Hands-free Mirror

Sturdy Design Offers Excellent Stability

The greatest defining feature of the Flexible Mirrorcle is that it provides excellent stability that is not usually characteristic of handheld mirrors.

Whether you wear it around your neck or place it on the vanity table, the mirror stays completely stable, allowing you to style your hair or apply makeup on the go.

Hard Plastic Frame Increase Durability

It might be a mirror but the Mirrorcle is a really sturdy and durable product. While the mirror itself is made of glass, it is encased in a circular frame made from strong, high-quality plastic.

This hard frame prevents the fragile glass from breaking or chipping away at the edges and makes it a product that is guaranteed to last for a very long time.

Folds Flat for Traveling

This hands-free mirror easily flattens out without sustaining any damage. You can fold it up and carry it around in your handbag so that you have a mirror readily available whenever you need to touch up your makeup.

If you have to style or restyle your hair often, a hands-free mirror like this is sure to come in handy.

Neck Frame Frees Up Both Hands

The best thing about this mirror is that it frees both your hands while you use it. It comes with a hood that fits comfortably around your neck, allowing your hands to take care of everything else.

This saves time and allows you to do a flawless job of looking stunning each day.

Ideal for the Handicapped and Bedridden Patients

Mirrorcle is unlike any other hands-free mirror. Its user-friendly design makes it ideal for the handicapped as well as the bedridden patients.

What’s Included in Your Purchase?

The product features a double-sided mirror that measures 6 inches across. One side consists of regular reflective glass for standard viewing. Whereas, the other side consists of a 5X magnifying mirror for a high-definition, zoomed-in view.

The mirror is framed in hard plastic and rests atop a sleek and slender ring that can be adjusted in any way you want. Wear it around your neck, fold it back to stay upright on a table, or flatten it out to carry it in your bag.

Final Thoughts

Mirrors matter. Whether you are a budding hairstylist or just a regular person looking for a hands-free mirror to see back of your hair, a highly functional item such as the Flexible Mirrorcle is a fine choice to consider.

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Great for applying makeup, traveling, shaving, cutting, and styling hair, this hands-free mirror is one of the must-have accessories in your beauty kit.