Simplehuman Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror Review

Makeup Mirror Reviews

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Quick Overview






  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Quality LED lights
  • Auto on/off sensor
  • Long lasting  and chargeable battery


  • Single sided
  • Vertical mirror only
  • Expensive

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Are you looking for a mirror that’s a conveniently small, but ideal size, has a whopping 10X magnification, and has the technology to mimic natural sunlight?

If so, you’ll really love this Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror. It’s not just for travel; it’s so handsomely designed that it would look great sitting on any counter or vanity.

You’ll see features on your face that you missed before getting this mirror, and it’s just great for applying your daily makeup.

Simplehuman Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror

Gone are the days of clunky or bulky metal makeup mirrors that would take up too much space on your vanity table.

This Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror is as sleek and well-designed as a top-level tablet computer.

It couldn’t be easier to operate, either. If you need to move it to a different bathroom, take on a trip with you, or just move closer, it’s also lightweight.

Who is this for?

This useful Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror is for anyone who needs the great 10X mirror magnification. It is designed for either women or men to use.

Teenagers would enjoy it because it would really help them take care of their skin.

It is an excellent gift for a college student living in a cramped dorm or for someone’s first apartment. This would also make a thoughtful gift for an older friend to help them maintain their beauty regime in their golden years. And of course it is a great traveler’s gift, too. 

What’s included?

This magnifying mirror comes with the mirror itself surrounded by bright LED lights, the stainless steel back, and the arm and base.

You’ll also get a specified travel case that fits it perfectly for hotel touch ups before a big night on the town.

As for the return policy, at the time of writing, it’s the standard Amazon 30-day money-back guarantee. (Always double check all terms when making a purchase.)

Overview of features

The first feature you will notice with this Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror is its handsome brushed stainless steel exterior. It has a beautiful, perfectly round and concave mirror.

This means the mirror dips in, like a bowl so it can bend light and achieve the 10X magnification. You’ll see yourself at 10 times the size you would in a normal flat-plane mirror.

The mirror itself is surrounded by a ring of sensor Tru-Lux lights, that are surgical-grade LEDs.

They’re built to last and will last up to 40,000 hours. The lights have a sensor so that they turn on when you approach the mirror and turn off when you leave.

These lights simulate natural sunlight, allowing you to see the subtle color variations in makeup techniques that gives you the most flawless look.

This mirror has a built-in battery that can be recharged via the cord, just like a laptop battery; a single charge can last for up to 5 weeks. You also have the option to plug it in and save battery time.

There are two height options, and the mirror itself swivels to the perfect angle for any viewing position. The design is modern and sleek.

You only get one side to the mirror. It is strictly a vertical travel mirror, so it can’t be mounted to a wall for horizontal usage.

Getting the most out of your magnifying mirror

To get the most out of this Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Set it up on a vanity, bathroom counter, or the top of a dresser. It should be in a comfortable position so that you aren’t straining your back to lean forward towards the mirror. Adjust the mirror height if need be.

As you physically approach the mirror, it will automatically turn on. Swivel the mirror towards you, then begin using it during your daily makeup routine, to shave your face, or to follow a skincare regime.

As soon as you physically leave the mirror, it will automatically turn off.

Alternative Product

Are you looking for a makeup mirror that is much more budget-friendly, but still offers a great LED light, excellent magnification, and can also be mounted on a vertical surface?

Then check out the Upper West Collection 7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror. You just tap the lights to turn them on or off.


You’ve probably never seen your face in the kind of amazing detail captured in this Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror.

The 10X magnification automatically zooms in on your face, while the wonderful natural sunlight-style LEDs are easy on your eyes and great for long term use; the sensing light is a cool technological feature.

It is a great mirror. It is sleek and modern but a little pricey.