Upper West Collection 7x Makeup Mirror Review

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Upper West Collection 7x Makeup Mirror
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Quick Overview





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  • Long lasting LED lights
  • Flexible placement 
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Only powered by batteries
  • No auto-off feature

The quality, style, design, and excellent benefits of this Upper West Collection 7x Makeup Mirror speak for themselves.

With its useful 7X magnification, round, warm LED lights, and great accessories like a free padded travel bag, you’ll enjoy using this mirror every time you need it.

With over 2,000 reviews, most of them positive, you’ll be the one adding the next glowing recommendation.

Upper West Collection 7x Makeup Mirror

Few makeup tools are more useful than a magnifying mirror. Your look is far from flawless when your foundation isn’t blended, your eyes don’t match or your eyebrows still need a little extra tweezing. 

Eliminate all of these common issues and more by using a great mirror. This one is easy to mount or take with you, it lights up, and does things your regular bathroom mirror can’t.  

Who is this for?

This handy 7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror is for anyone who would like a closer look. Its design is neutral enough to be used by either men or women of pretty much any age from the tween age up through seniors.

It would make an excellent gift for a teenager, who seemingly spends most of their waking life preening before taking selfies. This makeup mirror will help anyone get selfie ready.

What’s included?

This magnifying mirror comes with the mirror itself surrounded by bright LED lights, the mount on the back, a flexible arm that rotates 360 degrees for adjustable angles, and a firm suction lock to prevent the mirror from falling.

You’ll also get a black travel bag that fits it perfectly for hotel touch ups before a night on the town.

As for the return policy, it’s the standard Amazon 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overview of features

This Upper West Collection Makeup Mirror has some really cool features that set it apart from a regular makeup mirror, even one that has the same 7X magnification.

For one, the mirror itself is a gently smooth concave mirror that bends light to magnify your reflection; in this case, what you see will be seven times larger than life size.

It’s fog-free and won’t steam up in a bathroom.

The mirror is surrounded by a ring of efficient tap light LEDs made to last for 50,000 hours.

The light quality is warmer than an average cool-light LED and more natural, to mimic sunlight. Just touch the lights to turn them on or off.

The back of the mirror has the battery pack for the LED lights, plus the mounted suction base connected to the swivel ball joint of the flexible arm. You can rotate the mirror 360 degrees; it doesn’t pull towards you, though.

The suction mount is best when attached to a regular flat-plane mirror; you can also mount it to a counter but not to a painted surface.

This doesn’t come with two sides to the mirror, just one side for a standard 7x magnification.

The mirror is approximately 8.3” in diameter and the suction mount is around 3.5” wide. 

The 2 AA batteries drain a little fast, so you want to make sure it’s off after you use it because it doesn’t turn off automatically. 

Get the most out of your magnifying mirror

Getting the most out of your magnifying mirror means that you’ll want to mount it to the proper place on your existing flat-plane mirror.

You could purchase an extra wall protector for the suction mount to fit on. It won’t directly mount to your bathroom or bedroom wall, so, you will need to have an appropriate surface.

This mirror should be mounted at a comfortable distance for using it, without having to lean forward or put pressure on your back.

It can rotate, but not swivel out towards you, so keep that in mind.

Product Alternative

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With the right tool for the job, your makeup can always be flawless and this fantastic Upper West Collection 7x Magnifying Lighted Mirror is definitely a great tool.

It is wireless, cordless, and helps you eliminate bulky or corded mirrors. After easily attaching it, you’ll wonder how you survived without having that magnified reflection. 

Whether you’re getting ready for a job interview, a night out on the town, or just another day at work, you can use this quality magnifying makeup mirror for perfect results every time.