If you need very high magnification in your makeup mirror, you’re probably looking for a mirror in the 15x or 20x category.

What are the Best 15x and 20x Makeup Mirrors?

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Important Points about High Mirror Magnification

There are some important points to keep in mind when you research a high-magnification mirror:

  • Magnification mirrors are usually on the smaller size to avoid distortion, which is why they are often 6 inches or less, ruling out the larger vanity and tabletop mirrors.
  • In a smaller mirror with very high magnification, you won’t be able to see your full face, just smaller areas.
  • The quality of the mirror will affect any distortion or blurring.
  • Your face needs to be close to a higher magnification mirror to avoid blurring and inversion of the image.
  • You may experience strange sensations such as dizziness when you first use high magnification. Take care until you find the best distance from the mirror.

Don’t rush when you choose your high magnification mirror. Do your homework to see what’s available and get one that works for you.

Below, I’ve highlighted examples of what’s available in 15x and 20x mirrors so you can get a better idea of what to look for to suit your budget, needs, and routines.

The Best 15x and 20x Magnification Mirrors

These examples of 15x and 20x mirrors will give you an idea of the styles and features possible in high magnification products:

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A Tabletop Mirror

High Magnification Tabletop Mirrors Exist

Though not as common in the super high magnification levels, it is possible to find some high level tabletop mirrors. They give you the option of moving from room to room, or even taking it along when you travel.

They are Smaller

However, these will be smaller tabletop mirrors because you can’t realistically have a large viewing area at 15x or 20x magnification.

Easy to Adjust Distance

But, another advantage of a tabletop mirror is, because they aren’t mounted to the wall, it’s easy to adjust your distance from the mirror to avoid distortion.

One example of an attractive brushed nickel and highly-rated 15x tabletop mirror is:

The Floxite Dual sided 1x/15x Vanity Mirror

This popular mirror, by a well-known brand, has 2 sides for viewing, 1x (standard) and 15x for closeup tasks. It’s fairly large at 7 inches of viewing area, but still small enough to be portable if you need it to be.

However, it’s glass without a protective cover, so you’d need to be careful if you travel with it.

A Small Mirror with Suction Cups for Mounting

Small Mirrors are Portable

A small high magnification mirror with suction cups is a popular style for this type of mirror. The suction cups make it a portable option, great for moving around your home and for travel.

A Gooseneck Extension is Flexible

You can even get these mirrors with a flexible gooseneck handle allowing you to adjust it for just the right angle and distance from your face.

The Drawback to Suction Cups

However, the main drawback with the suction cups is sometimes you see reports of the suction failing. This presents a potential risk when you’re anchoring a product made from glass.

To avoid this, make sure the surface is clean and non-porous. Attach it to a smooth surface like glass, ceramic, tile, or fiberglass, and press the cups down firmly.

One Solution to Suction Cup Mounting

One way to use the suction without risk of the mirror falling is to go with a gooseneck extension product and use the suction cup on a flat surface like a vanity or makeup table.

If the concept interests you, there are 2 highly-rated examples of high-magnification mirrors with suction cups:

WISHWIND 15X Magnifying Gooseneck Makeup Mirror

This mirror offers several great features, including LED lighting, 8 inches of viewing area, and 3 color choices, along with the flexibility of the gooseneck extension.

B Beauty Planet 20x Magnifying Mirror with Suction Cups

This mirror is made with optical quality glass and includes a “don’t forget me” card for hotel visits, plus a set of tweezers.

You’ll also receive a cloth carry bag and dust cloth, but the viewing area is small at only 4 inches.

A Travel Mirror with High Magnification

High Magnification is Common in Travel Mirrors

Travel mirrors are usually smaller and make a good choice to find a mirror with 15x or 20x magnification. They also have the advantage of being portable and convenient if you need to move around a lot.

Extra Features

There are many good products in this category with the right magnification for closeups and fine grooming tasks.

And some have features such as folding to work like a tabletop mirror or being double-sided for 2 views.

2 popular and highly-rated examples in this category by a well-known brand are:

OMIRO 1x/15x Folding Compact Mirror

OMIRO Double-Sided 1x/20x Hand Mirror

A Combo 15x/20x Magnified Mirror Set

Added Value with a Combo Set

If you like to use a 15x and 20x magnification mirror at different times, you can opt for a combination set that provides more value than if you bought two different mirrors separately.

Other Available Sets

The mirror combo we’ve chosen for the example is a well-known brand that has popular and highly-rated products. They also offer the choice of other sets in various magnifications to suit your needs.

Again, these mirrors work with suction cups, so keep in mind the caution about creating a secure connection to the surface. There are some reports of the suction being weak.

MIRRORVANA Combo Set for 15x and 20x Makeup Mirrors

Final Thoughts

There are many options for finding the best 15x and 20x magnification mirrors for your needs.

Keep in mind that these mirrors will likely be on the smaller size to be effective and need to be good quality to avoid distortion.

Another important thing to remember is that suction cups are not always a good match for a glass mirror, so consider these options carefully.

Do your homework and check out reviews before you make your final decision.

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