Magnification mirrors are rated with a number and the times sign (x). For example, you may see 3x, 5x, 7x, or 15x. So, is 1x magnification some magnification or none?

What is a 1x Magnification Mirror?

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What is a 1x Magnification Mirror?

A 1x magnification mirror is basically a mirror that does not have magnification. 1 times anything equals the same thing, and it’s the same with mirror magnification.

1 times the regular strength of the mirror is still a regular or standard mirror.

In fact, there are other blogs that incorrectly claim that 1x means there’s a slight magnification, when it doesn’t mean that, at all.

You should also note that 1x magnification will usually allow you to see your whole face, whereas a higher magnification will only allow you to view the features that you zero in on, not your whole face.

Other Names for a 1x Magnification Mirror

Instead of the label 1x, you will sometimes see other terms used for these mirrors, including:

However, these terms all mean the same thing. Your features will not be magnified in the reflection, hence 1x magnification.

If you require a magnified mirror for fine tasks such as makeup application, shaving, or tweezing, you’ll need to choose a rating higher than 1x.

Why is 1x Used in the Product Description of Makeup Mirrors?

All of this may leave you wondering why this term (1x) is used at all if it leads to confusion. It certainly does make it look like the mirror has some level of magnification, when in fact, it doesn’t.

The answer to that actually has to do with the limited space available for product descriptions on sales platforms.

Let me explain.

When a seller has to enter the product description for something they’re selling, they are given a limited number of words to use.

They want to get the most information into that space with the least amount of words. So, you can see that 1x is a lot shorter to write than non-magnified. It leaves the seller more room for other information.

So, as you can see, 1x magnification simply means that the mirror is flat and doesn’t have any curve to give it magnification.

It’s just a plain old mirror that will reflect your features in pretty much their true size.

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