The best fogless mirror for your shower is going to have certain features that make it suitable for the job. These mirrors aren’t the same as the one above your sink or on your makeup table.

What is the best mirror for the shower?

It’s important to know what to look for in a shower mirror before you make the purchase because features have changed over time and the quality is better than it used to be, depending on the brand you buy.

What to Look for in a Shower Mirror

Having a mirror in the shower is different than having a mirror above your vanity or in the hallway. There are several features you’ll want to look for:


Mirrors often fog up in the bathroom, but in the shower, there’s an even greater likelihood of it happening. It makes it impossible to use a mirror for shaving and other tasks.

It happens because the surface of the mirror is cooler than the warmer air in the shower, causing condensation. And, it gets worse as the shower warms up.

Mirror manufacturers have come up with various ways to combat this problem in shower mirrors:

A Warm Water Chamber

Some mirrors have a chamber behind the mirror that you fill with warm water and it stops the mirror from being cool and fogging up.

A Chemical Coating

Other mirrors have a special coating applied to the surface to keep it from fogging up. Keep in mind that this means a chemical has probably been used and some people claim that they don’t last.

Mirror Shields

A newer, but not very eco-friendly, technology involves placing a shield over the mirror to prevent fog forming. Usually, you also have to wet the mirror with warm water, too. The idea is to replace the shield when it’s no longer effective.

Reduce Temperature Difference

Some shower mirrors simply come with instructions suggesting you hold it under the warm/hot water for a few minutes and then hang it back on the hook.

Doing this is meant to reduce the difference in temperature between the mirror and the air, which is supposed to prevent condensation.

A shower mirror needs to be fogless to be effective, so you’ll need to look for one with this quality. Keep in mind that there are also home remedies for keeping a shower mirror fog-free.

Good Adhesive

Your shower mirror will need to be attached to a wall or the door of the shower at the best height for your use. So, it needs to have a method for attaching it securely so it doesn’t fall into the tub or onto the floor.

Different manufacturers offer various methods for accomplishing this:

  • suction cups
  • hooks and brackets with silicone adhesive
  • other adhesives

How it attaches to the surface is important because you don’t want it falling down in the middle of shaving or other tasks, or in the middle of the night. So, whichever mirror you choose, follow the instructions carefully for the best results.

Whether the mirror adheres to the surface well is going to depend in part to the type of material on the wall or shower door. Again, the instructions should tell you which materials will get you the best results.


A very important feature of a shower mirror is that it be shatterproof. You do not want shards of glass all over the floor or tub while you are showering. Make sure the one you choose is not breakable.

Usually, a mirror designed for the shower is going to be constructed from a material that is shatterproof. Check carefully to make sure whatever you purchase fits this category. A shower is not the place for real glass.

Right Size

Finally, after you satisfy all the other features of your shower mirror, make sure to get the one that is the right size.

They come in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find one that is safe, anti-fog, easy to install, good quality, and offers the best viewing area.


Many popular shower mirrors don’t offer magnification, but there are some available these days. Decide if you’ll need one with a stronger than standard view before you make your purchase.

It is possible to put a mirror in the shower, but make sure to choose the one that fits all the optimum criteria for your needs.

Below, we’ve highlighted mirrors that are good examples of how manufacturers deal with creating a fogless product.

What is the Best Fogless Mirror for the Shower?

The following examples of fogless shower mirrors will give you an idea of what products and features are available in this category:

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A Shower Mirror with a Water Chamber

Avoid Chemicals

A shower mirror with a water chamber allows you to avoid a coating made from chemicals. However, you’ll trade that for a bit more inconvenience having to fill and empty the water chamber each time.

Fill the Chamber with Warm Water

The process requires you to fill the water chamber with warm water before each use. And, you’ll need to empty it after. Some people fill it from the shower flow.

Other Convenient Features

Some of these mirrors also include other convenient features such as a squeegee, a toiletry shelf, a larger viewing surface, and even LED lights.

A Popular Example

A popular example of a shower mirror with a water chamber is:

The ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

The ToiletTree fogless shower mirror is a highly-rated product that’s had improvements over the years, but this type of mirror does have drawbacks.

One of the main concerns we’ve come across is that you can’t use the adhesive over again if you want to move the mounting bracket. It requires using new adhesive. And, some people don’t like having to fill and empty the water chamber.

A Shower Mirror with a Special Coating

Special Technologies and Film

Some shower mirrors reduce fogging because they’re coated with a special film. These technologies reduce condensation and keep the view clearer.


If you’re trying to reduce the amount of chemicals you’re exposed to, these mirrors may not be for you. Generally, any anti-fog coating is going to involve the use of chemicals. However, if it isn’t an issue, you may appreciate not having to deal with a water chamber.

Various Methods for Mounting

These mirrors often come with various methods for mounting in the shower including suction cups and other adhesives. They may also include other features like a hook for your razor or the ability to tilt.

A Popular Example

One popular example of a shower mirror with a special anti-fog coating is:

The HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Hook

This mirror is affordable and a highly-rated choice. However, some people say that over time the coating wears off and the mirror has to be replaced, unless you give it anti-fog treatment yourself.

Again, one of the main reasons people don’t go with these mirrors is they don’t like the idea of a chemical coating for themselves or the environment.

And, the suction cup doesn’t always stick well to all surfaces and can also weaken over time, becoming less effective. Apparently, it helps if you wet the cup before using it on the shower wall or door.

A Shower Mirror with Shields

Replaceable Anti-fog Shields

A mirror with replaceable shields offers another way to get the anti-fog effect in a shower mirror. The shields work like a special coating to create the fogless effect and you replace them when they wear out.

Like a Cellphone Screen Protector

This option works like a screen protector you put on your cellphone screen to keep it safe, except these work to reduce fog on the mirror.

Not Eco-Friendly

One glaring issue with this option in today’s world is that throwing out the used shields will produce trash when there are eco-friendlier choices available.

An Example

An example of a shower mirror with replaceable anti-fog shields is:

The Stratazon Shower Mirror with Replaceable Shields

This mirror is a fairly new product, but gets high ratings. One complaint is that you still have to apply warm water, even with the shield, and the fogless effect doesn’t last.

And, as pointed out above, throwing away the used shields is not a great option for the environment.

A Fogless Mirror Using Basic Science

Anti-Fog Basic Science

Some mirrors just use plain old basic science to achieve a fogless experience in the shower. You just hold the mirror under warm water until it reaches a temperature that is equal to the warm moist air in the shower.

Repeat the Method

When the mirror is not colder than the air around it, condensation won’t form and cause it to fog up. The problem with this method is it doesn’t last. You have to keep repeating this method every few minutes to keep the mirror warm enough.

A Simple Hook System

Usually, these mirrors have a simple hook system so it can be removed and rehung quickly and easily in between holding it under the shower water.

A Popular Example

A popular example of a mirror that uses basic anti-fog science and a simple hook is:

The Shave Well Company Anti-Fog Mirror

This mirror is popular, highly-rated, and supports a workplace for people with disabilities, but the main drawback is that you have to keep repeating the method of warming it to reduce the fog.

However, if you want an affordable shower mirror that keeps the process simple, without chemicals or wasted shields, this type of mirror does the job for many people.

Magnified Shower Mirror

Most of the available shower mirrors don’t have magnification, so you’re usually working with a standard view in these products.

However, we did come across some examples of shower mirrors with magnification:

These magnified shower mirrors all use a variety of the other features for adhesion and creating the anti-fog effect. Some have been around longer than others, but they are all highly-rated.

The important thing is to find the mirror that gives you the right amount of magnification, or standard view, to perform your grooming tasks.

Bonus Tip

One final bonus tip before we sum up our thoughts about the best shower mirror, is to make sure you check your new mirror for a protective plastic film covering the viewing surface that’s meant to be removed before you use it.

Some mirrors come with one in place and it isn’t always obvious. When people don’t realize it’s there and can be removed, they think the mirror is faulty.

Final Thoughts

The best shower mirror for you is going to depend on your personal preferences, your budget, and what works best in your shower.

However, we feel that a shower mirror with a water chamber will provide the most consistent and eco-friendly results when it comes to a fogless performance.

Those mirrors don’t involve added chemicals or shields to throw away. The water chamber can be used over and over.

It’s a bit less convenient, but worth the effort to get longer use of your mirror, and it’s better for your health and the environment.

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