To apply makeup properly, you need the right tools, one of which is a quality lighted vanity mirror.

What is the Best Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror?

This means you need to figure out which one is best for your grooming tasks. There are many to choose from, making it confusing to know which type to go with.

We’ve outlined information to help you choose the one that best suits your circumstances and budget. Plus, we’ve offered examples from different categories for your research.

What is the Best Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror?

Below, you’ll find top-rated and popular lighted vanity mirrors that offer the main features people look for:

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A Large Lighted Vanity Mirror with Bulbs

Most people who want a large vanity mirror also want plenty of LED lighting to give them the equivalent of natural light for makeup application and other fine grooming tasks.

Those who prefer a large vanity mirror usually want one that fills most of the space on their dresser or makeup table. It gives them the viewing area that a smaller mirror just doesn’t have.

One tried and true vanity mirror in the large category that has adjustable LED lightbulbs in the classic style, smart touch control, and a USB charge port is the:

The FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror

This mirror is considered large, but it isn’t as big as the higher end Hollywood-style mirrors. However, it’s affordable and includes the main lighting features that get the job done in a larger viewing area.

A Large Vanity Mirror with a Light Strip

If you aren’t interested in the classic vanity mirror with lightbulbs around the perimeter, you can go with an LED light strip that offers a cleaner, more sleek look.

These light strips offer all the same advantages as lightbulbs with regards to eco-friendly lighting and a natural light substitute for makeup application.

One large vanity mirror with size options, an adjustable LED light strip, smart touch controls, and a USB charge port is the:

The SHOWTIMEZ Vanity Mirror with LED Backlit Light Strip

Note: The important thing to note about a light strip is whether it can be replaced if it wears out. While they reputedly last for 1000s of hours, they don’t have the ease of replacement as a lightbulb. Consider these points before you make your choice.

One other noted drawback with this mirror is the light strip does not go around all four sides of the mirror. It’s only on the top and sides, leaving the bottom without a light source.

A Smaller Trifold Portable Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror doesn’t have to be large enough to fill the space on your dresser or makeup table. Sometimes people want a large lighted viewing area, but the convenience of being able to carry it around.

You can get that by going with a vanity mirror that is large enough to view your entire face, but folds up and is easy to move from one room to another. You can even pack it for travel.

A popular and highly-rated trifold vanity mirror with magnification options, a touch screen, 180 degree swivel, cable or battery choices, and a significant viewing surface is:

The deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

Many people like the affordability of this mirror. However, while it is adjustable and has magnification options (unlike larger vanity mirrors), it doesn’t adjust for height, which can be a drawback if you’re taller.

A Vertical Lighted Vanity Mirror

Many Hollywood-style vanity mirrors come in the horizontal position. But for taller people, it is sometimes an issue because it cuts off the view of the top of their head.

A vanity mirror that is vertically oriented solves this problem easily. It’s a taller mirror that is often anchored loosely on either side in a frame like a cheval mirror, and can rotate 360 degrees.

One vanity mirror that is vertical and has touch-screen function, LED lights, adjustable brightness, 3 color choices, a portable 10x magnifier, and 360 degree rotation is:

The Hansong Vertical Vanity Mirror

This vanity mirror is popular and gets a very high rating. The main complaint about it is that it isn’t a large mirror; it’s more on the medium/smaller size.

Points to Consider for Buying a Lighted Vanity Mirror

To recap, there are several points to keep in mind when choosing a vanity mirror:

  • How much control over lighting do you want?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you prefer horizontal or vertical orientation?
  • How large does it need to be to give you a full view?
  • Do you want light bulbs or a light strip?
  • Do you want extra features such as smart touch, a USB port, and magnification?


When it comes to size, a good tip is to sit down at your dresser or makeup table and measure how high it would need to be to give a complete view without cutting off the top of your head.

A lighted vanity mirror makes grooming tasks such as makeup, hair, and tweezing so much easier, especially if it has LED lights.

However, the one you choose will depend on the features that suit your circumstances and preferences. Do plenty of research to make sure you end up with the best one for you.

Vanity mirrors also make excellent gifts for the special people on your list for a variety of occasions.

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