Lots of people use magnifying mirrors for applying makeup and shaving, but one of the most common tasks they’re used for is tweezing.

What is the Best Magnifying Mirror for Tweezing?

It’s next to impossible to get those pesky stray hairs without a good mirror to help you zero in on them, especially if you’re nearsighted or have other vision challenges.

Below, I’ve outlined examples of common types of magnifying mirrors. Not everyone needs the same kind, and they vary in style.

It also depends on things like your budget, where you plan to use the mirror, and other grooming needs.

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Important Points about Mirror Magnification

Before you look at the examples of magnification mirrors, these points will help you make the best choice:

  • Magnification mirrors work best in a round shape because they are concave, but they can be square or rectangular.
  • Magnification doesn’t work well in large mirrors. They’re usually smaller like tabletop or travel mirrors.
  • There may be distortion in a magnified mirror, and distance from it, plus quality, can help reduce it.
  • The higher the magnification, the smaller the area of your face shown and the more likely to have distortion.
  • 3x commonly works well for people with normal vision and you can see most of the face.
  • 5x-7x magnification is most common for people who are near-sighted and wear corrective lenses.
  • 7x magnification and higher will take getting used to and may cause some odd sensations.
  • Good lighting is important with magnification and LED lights similar to daylight are best.
  • Placing your magnification mirror near a standard mirror makes checking both views easier.
  • Generally, you need to place the mirror about 20 cm from your face. Experiment for the best position.
  • Be prepared to see every little line and blemish (and embrace them).

These points will give you a general idea of what you’re looking for with magnification and what will work best in various scenarios.

Next, I’ll outline the various available styles.

Different Types of Magnifying Mirrors for Plucking Hairs

Here are examples of various styles of magnifying mirrors useful for tweezing and plucking hairs:

A Tri-fold Magnifying Mirror

A tri-fold magnifying makeup mirror is one of the most popular types bought by people who want a variety of easily accessible magnification levels for tweezing.

A Variety of Viewing Areas

A tri-fold mirror usually offers 3-4 different viewing areas, each with a different magnification level. For example, the main frame is usually standard (1x), with some combination of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 7x in the smaller sections.

10x Detachable Mirror

The more modern tri-folds often offer a 10x level in a smaller round mirror that is removable and can be repositioned wherever you want it with suction cups or magnets.

It is Portable

The main selling point with a tri-fold is that you get a range of magnification levels in a mirror that is small enough to be fairly portable. It isn’t a compact travel mirror, but it can still go many places.

Most Value

If a tri-fold mirror suits your other requirements for lighting and size, it’s where you’ll get the most value for your makeup mirror budget.


The drawbacks with a tri-fold mirror are that it isn’t quite as portable as a smaller travel mirror and you might not get the same lighting quality as you will with a larger vanity mirror.

A Double-Sided Tabletop Mirror with Magnification

Next to a tri-fold mirror, a double-sided tabletop mirror is a popular choice for people who want good magnification for tweezing and other fine grooming tasks.

2 Levels in One Mirror

Double-sided mirrors usually offer a magnification level on one side and a standard view on the other side, providing both in the same product.

Tabletop is Portable

Like a tri-fold mirror, a tabletop mirror is fairly portable, especially within your home. It’s usually easy to carry from one room to another.

Hands-free Grooming

Because a tabletop mirror stands up on it’s own, you’ll have both hands free for tasks such as tweezing, makeup, and hairstyling.

Good Value

While a tabletop double-sided mirror doesn’t offer the variety of magnification of a tri-fold, it’s still a good value, usually giving you 2 levels to choose from.


The drawbacks of a tabletop mirror are that it isn’t as portable as a folding or flat mirror and if it has a quality finish or design it can cost more than a handheld or compact.

A Compact Mirror with 10x or Higher Magnification

Another popular magnification option is the travel or compact mirror for people who do a lot of traveling or need to do touchups frequently during a busy day.

10x and Higher Magnification

You’re most likely to find magnification options of 10x and higher in the smaller, and usually round, travel or compact mirrors.

It’s because the higher levels of magnification work best, with less distortion, on the smaller viewing surfaces.

Caution with Very High Magnification

Take note that the high magnifications of 15x and 20x are very powerful with a lot of distortion and are usually only required for extremely poor vision.

Most people with corrective lenses and poor vision will use 7x and 10x magnification.

Added Features in a Travel Mirror

With newer technology, you’ll find a variety of features available in today’s travel mirrors. You can get rechargeable lighting, double-sided viewing, and larger viewing areas.

Best High Magnification Option

If you need higher or super high magnification for jobs like plucking hair, a smaller mirror is where you’ll find the best products for those fine details.


The drawback to any smaller product is that to get the magnification, you have to give up viewing area. It’s the only way to avoid as much distortion as possible.

The other thing that can be awkward with these compact mirrors is you usually have to hold them in one hand while you perform tasks.

And, in order for manufacturers to include additional features such as lighting, many of these travel mirrors aren’t as small as they used to be, making them bulkier for purses and totes.

A Vanity Mirror with Magnification

The Problem with Large Mirrors

It used to be that if you wanted a larger vanity mirror, you had to forget about having magnification in the same product. The large viewing area doesn’t allow for it.

The Magnification Solution

However, manufacturers recognized the demand for magnification and have solved this problem by including a small detachable mirror, usually with a 10x level.

Convenient Suction Cups

The detachable mirror often has suction cups or magnets so you can move it around to the most convenient position for your tweezing and other tasks.

Good Magnification Options

The addition of a smaller magnified mirror allows you to have the benefits of a large viewing area with the magnification at hand for finer work.


The main complaint about this arrangement is that the attached small mirror takes up space and blocks a full view of the large standard area. However, it’s a good compromise between the two requirements.

Which magnification mirror is best for your tweezing tasks is going to depend on your needs and situation.

It will include considerations such as your eyesight, whether you travel a lot, and the lighting you require, plus your budget.

Overall, the tri-fold mirrors tend to have the greatest value and most features in one product to suit the majority of people in search of those stray hairs.

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