Depending on the features you need, there are many excellent travel mirrors on the market that are easy to pack when you’re on the go.

Best Lighted Magnifying Double-Sided Travel Mirror

Even though they are small or compact, many still offer features such as LED lighting, magnification, rechargeable batteries, and double-sided.

Which travel mirror you choose will depend on your individual needs. Everyone doesn’t require the same features in their makeup accessories.

We’ve highlighted several travel mirrors below to show what’s available in different categories and how portable, or not, they can be.

Best Lighted, Magnifying, and Double-Sided Travel Makeup Mirrors

These are examples of top-rated and popular travel mirrors that offer the main features people look for:

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A Lighted Travel Mirror

Many people look for a travel mirror that offers LED lighting because you can’t rely on the lighting in hotel rooms and other accommodations to be adequate for makeup application.

LED lighting that is rechargeable offers the best option in a makeup mirror because it mimics natural lighting so well and the bulbs or strips tend to last a long time.

One travel mirror that has a high rating for LED lights, 3 different light settings, and a fairly large viewing area is the:

The FUNTOUCH Rechargeable Lighted Travel Mirror

The drawbacks with this mirror revolve around the recharging feature. There are complaints that the charge doesn’t hold long enough and the charger is not included.

A Double-Sided Magnified Travel Mirror

The value of a double-sided makeup mirror is that you can have 2 different magnifications for different tasks. You don’t have to settle for one and make do.

Usually one side of the mirror will have a standard view or low magnification like 1x, while the other side will have a higher magnification such as 7x or 10x.

This is very convenient when you’re traveling and still need the use of both views, instead of just the one standard view.

A lighted travel mirror that offers this feature with a slightly larger than compact viewing surface is:

The KEDSUM Double-Sided 1x/10x Travel Makeup Mirror

Even though this is a popular and highly-rated travel mirror, there are some complaints that the lights are too bright and the larger size can make it awkward to hold in one hand, especially if you have small hands.

A Clamshell Lightweight Travel Mirror

Some travel mirrors are a little larger if the manufacturer is trying to include extra features and a bigger viewing area.

However, some people just want a small, lightweight mirror that will go wherever they go, in a purse or tote, and they’ll go without the extras to get that.

One clamshell travel mirror that is made with lightweight plastic, with double-sided magnification and a significant size viewing surface is:

The StudioZONE 2-Sided Compact Mirror

Even though this is a compact and useful travel mirror, the 10x magnification in the small viewing area is strong for tasks like makeup, and for a compact it is still a bit large for smaller purses.

A Tabletop Travel Mirror with Multiple Features

Double-sided and compact travel mirrors are convenient for packing, but some people prefer something larger that can be used as a tabletop mirror. This is especially true if you don’t need to carry it in your purse.

With a tabletop style mirror, you’re also more likely to get multiple features for all your makeup and grooming needs. And, your hands are free for tasks like hairstyling.

One trifold travel mirror that offers standard viewing, 1x/3x/7x magnification, touch-screen function, dimmable lights, and 3 color choices is:

The WEILY Portable Travel Makeup Mirror

As is usual with multi-feature mirrors, this mirror is not as compact as smaller products. While it has a slim design and is lightweight, it will not fit easily in small purses or totes.

Tips for Buying the Best Travel Mirror

Use these guidelines to help you get the best travel mirror for your lifestyle:

  • Decide how small is too small. Make sure it has enough viewing area for your needs.
  • Determine how many features you really need. More features usually means a bigger mirror.
  • Get the magnification that’s right for you, and go with double-sided if you also need standard or 1x.
  • Will you need to carry it often in a purse or tote, or can it stay in the hotel room?
  • What electricity needs does it have? Or will it run on batteries? Which is more convenient?
  • Do you prefer “old-school” or touch-screen control?

With so many people moving around these days, travel mirrors have become a popular product. People want portable mirrors that will deliver without causing packing issues.

And, if you need a mirror that will help with complicated hairstyling, you may want to check out the best mirrors for seeing the back of your head, many of which are also portable.

However, which one you choose is going to depend on what features you require for your personal grooming.

Makeup mirrors also make excellent gifts for people on the go with busy lives and frequent travel.

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