There are many excellent travel mirrors on the market, but if you need one with magnification, make sure to choose carefully.

The Best Travel Mirror with Magnification

Even though they are small, many compact mirrors still offer features such as LED lighting, magnification, rechargeable batteries, and double-sided.

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Which magnifying travel mirror you choose will depend on your individual needs. Everyone doesn’t require the same features in their makeup accessories.

Tips for Buying the Best Magnifying Travel Mirror

Use these guidelines to help you get the best travel mirror with magnification for your lifestyle:

  • Decide how small is too small. Make sure it has enough viewing area for your needs.
  • Determine how many features you really need. More features usually means a bigger mirror.
  • Get the magnification that’s right for you, and go with double-sided if you also need standard or 1x.
  • Will you need to carry it often in a purse or tote, or can it stay in the hotel room?
  • What electricity needs does it have? Or will it run on batteries? Which is more convenient?
  • Do you prefer “old-school” or touch-screen control?

I’ve highlighted some magnifying travel mirrors below to show the styles available and how portable, or not, they can be.

Best Magnifying Compact Travel Mirrors

These are examples of top-rated and popular magnifying travel mirrors that offer the main features people look for:

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A Double-Sided Magnifying Travel Mirror

The value of a double-sided makeup mirror is that you can have 2 different magnifications for different tasks. You don’t have to settle for one and make do.

Usually one side of the mirror will have a standard view (1x), while the other side will have a higher magnification such as 5x, 7x, or 10x.

This is very convenient when you’re traveling and still need the use of both views, instead of just the one standard view.

A lighted travel mirror that offers this feature with a slightly larger than compact viewing surface is:

The KEDSUM Double-Sided 1x/10x Travel Makeup Mirror

Even though this is a highly-rated travel mirror, there are some complaints that the lights are too bright and the larger size can make it awkward to hold in one hand, especially if you have small hands.

A Clamshell Magnifying Travel Mirror

Some travel mirrors are a little larger if the manufacturer is trying to include extra features and a bigger viewing area.

However, some people just want a small, lightweight mirror that will go wherever they go, in a purse or tote, and they’ll go without the extras to get that.

One clamshell travel mirror that is made with lightweight plastic, with double-sided magnification (1x and 10x) and a significant size viewing surface is:

The StudioZONE Magnifying 2-Sided Compact Mirror

Even though this is a compact and useful travel mirror, the 10x magnification in the small viewing area is strong for tasks like makeup, and for a compact it is still a bit large for smaller purses.

A Tabletop Magnifying Travel Mirror with Multiple Features

Double-sided and compact travel mirrors are convenient for packing, but some people prefer something larger that can be used as a tabletop mirror.

This is especially true for people who don’t need to carry a mirror in their purse, and want to set up a larger makeup station in their room.

With a tabletop style mirror, you’re also more likely to get multiple features for all your makeup and grooming needs. And, your hands are free for tasks like hairstyling.

One trifold travel mirror that offers standard viewing (1x), plus 3x and 7x magnification, touch-screen function, dimmable lights, and 3 color choices is:

The WEILY Portable Travel Makeup Mirror

As is usual with multi-feature mirrors, this mirror is not as compact as smaller products. While it has a slim design and is lightweight, it will not fit easily in small purses or totes.

With so many people moving around these days, magnifying travel mirrors have become a popular product. People want portable mirrors that will deliver without causing packing issues.

However, which one you choose is going to depend on what features you require for your personal grooming.

Before I clue this up, I’ll provide extra info below about travelling with your makeup mirror. They can be delicate, and you want to get it from point A to point B safely and still in one piece.

How to Travel with a Makeup Mirror

Makeup mirrors are generally made from glass, and they often have delicate lights mounted somewhere on the frame, so you need to take care when moving them from one place to another.

If You’re Traveling on a Plane

With travel rules and regulations changing constantly, and often quickly, you should check with the proper authority to see if you can bring your makeup mirror when you fly.

You should always check the latest information concerning mirrors from the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

Even if we offered an opinion or told you what we’ve researched lately, it might have changed by the time we publish it.

You may even want to check when you make your arrangements, and then again just before the actual departure.

If You Carry a Travel Mirror

Another point to consider when you travel, by whatever means, is the size of the mirror. A travel mirror may make things easier in many cases, just because of the way they’re designed.

Travel mirrors tend to be smaller in size and usually fold up with a hard cover to protect the glass and any lights inside. It makes it easy to just drop it in your purse or tote and go.

Travel Mirrors are Smaller and More Portable

However, if you travel by plane, check to see if it is allowed in your carry-on baggage before you proceed.

In any case, travel mirrors are likely the most convenient way to take a makeup mirror with you when you need to be on the go.

But keep in mind that it usually means sacrificing the size of the viewing area to get the most portable products.

I’ve highlighted several highly-rated travel mirrors above, in the first part of this post.

But what if you don’t want to make do with a small travel mirror?

If You Want to Transport a Larger Tabletop Mirror

Sometimes, people don’t want to give up the ability to do their makeup and other grooming tasks in their favorite tabletop mirror.

Glass and Electronics Need Protection

When it comes to size, things change if you want to travel with a larger mirror because the glass and any lights are more likely to be exposed without a protective cover.

It’s not as much of an issue if your mirror is the tri-fold style that folds down and protects the interior glass and electronics. But a traditional style of tabletop mirror won’t offer the same convenience.

Wrapping the Mirror Helps

One solution is to wrap the mirror and cushion it in your luggage. You can use a towel, blanket, or a bulky piece of clothing like a sweater to do the job. It will help to protect it during travel.

If you’re traveling by car, and there’s room, you could also wrap it and give it a place on a seat in the vehicle. Or, it could ride on your lap if you’re a passenger.

You Don’t Have to Leave a Larger Mirror Behind

Wrapping your mirror for protection and packing it carefully will ensure you get your mirror safely to another destination.

It is possible to leave home for an extended period and not be without your regular routine and mirror.

If You Want to Take Along a Shower Mirror

If you’ve gotten used to the convenience of having a mirror in the shower for shaving and other tasks, you might toy with the idea of taking it along on your journey.

Adhesives Matter for Travel

The problem with many shower mirrors is they’re often attached to the shower wall or door with a strong adhesive. This probably won’t make the mirror very portable.

But you could try using a new hook with replaceable adhesive strips and attaching it temporarily at the new destination.

Suction Cups are Portable

If your shower mirror is the kind that uses a suction cup, it shouldn’t be a problem to detach it and carry it with you.

This is the most convenient way to mount a shower mirror if you think you’ll want to enjoy more portable options.

Shatterproof Material is Safer

One really good thing about traveling with a shower mirror is they’re usually made from shatterproof material, so they’re much less likely to break.

But, even though most shower mirrors are not made from glass, they may still have special rules that apply if you plan to fly. Check ahead to make sure of what you’re allowed to do.

Taking a Makeup Mirror Camping

You can even take a makeup mirror camping, if you want to keep up with your regular grooming routines.

However, the type you bring along may depend on the type of camping you like to do.

If you travel in an RV, then you could really take any type of makeup mirror, the same as you would use at home. Even a shower mirror has the potential to work.

Depending on the size of your RV, the amount of space available for larger mirrors could be an issue. And, if you’re tenting, you might find a smaller travel mirror works better.

Take Time to Prepare

So, if you want to travel with your makeup mirror, check any regulations ahead of time and pack your mirror in a way that ensures it is protected and safe.

Then, when you reach your destination, you’ll be able to enjoy your regular makeup and grooming routines, making your journey much more pleasant.

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