It’s difficult to see the back of your head without the aid of two mirrors. It makes grooming tasks such as hairstyling difficult when you’re alone. And, using a handheld mirror means you only have one free hand.

What kind of mirror is best for seeing the back of your head?

Fortunately, mirror manufacturers have been working to produce mirrors that can help you see the back of your head for cutting and styling your hair or shaving the back of your neck. And, they allow for two free hands instead of one.

Let’s take a look at the products available for solving the awkward problem of getting a look at the back of your head.

What Mirror is Good for Seeing the Back of Your Head?

These examples of mirrors to see the back of your head will help you decide the best choice for your awkward grooming tasks:

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A 3-Way Mirror with Hooks for Hanging

Convenient Placement

A 3-way mirror with hooks allows you several views of your head, including the back. The hooks mean you can hang it in a convenient place such as a room door, a closet door, or a shower door. Some of them also allow for permanent mounting.

Height Adjustment

The hooks on these mirrors are usually retractable, which allows for height adjustment to get a perfect 360 degree view. The folding design is also portable for travel, and they make an excellent gift idea.

A Highly-Rated Example

One highly-rated example of a 3-way mirror with adjustable hooks is:

The Jusron 3 Way Mirror for Hair, Shaving, and Makeup

While this is a popular choice for consumers and a 3-way mirror is one of the best options for seeing the back of your head, one of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t always fit all doors if you hang it that way.

Some people complain that if the door is thick, the added bulk of the mirror hooks keeps the door from closing. Of course, you can always take it off and fold it for storage when you’re finished your grooming.

A Tripod Adjustable Mirror

An Adjustable Option

One newer option that is more portable than a 3-way mirror is a tripod mirror. The mirror sits on a tripod with adjustable height. You can place it wherever you want to get a view of the back of your head in another mirror.


These mirrors are portable and can travel with you or go from room to room, making your grooming tasks easier wherever you need to be.

Double-Sided Options

Tripod mirrors also usually have a double-sided option with one side magnified for finer grooming tasks like tweezing and eye liner.

An Example

An example of one of these convenient tripod mirrors is:

The Luna Flexa Tripod Adjustable Mirror

A tripod mirror works best if used with a larger vanity mirror, so it isn’t as functional alone as a 3-way mirror will be. But it does have a lot of potential uses for styling or cutting hair at home or when traveling.

Also, take care when purchasing newer products that don’t have a lot of reviews or trial runs by customers. It’s more difficult to determine what the potential drawbacks might be.

An Around-the-Neck Mirror

Another innovative product for getting a look at the awkward area on the back of your head is the around-the-neck mirror. It’s also a newer idea, but it appears more people have had the opportunity to use it than the tripod mirror.


An around-the-neck mirror is also a portable option and can follow you from room to room, or go in your luggage for travel to keep your hair looking great.


These mirrors also have the double-sided option, giving you the benefit of a magnified side to take care of tasks that need close-up attention.

A Highly-Rated Example

One highly-rated example of an around-the-neck mirror is:

The Flexible Mirrorcle

The Flexible Mirrorcle is a popular and highly-rated product that many people use to view the back of their head for hairstyling, but it does have some notable drawbacks.

Some people find the mirror heavy and uncomfortable around their neck and shoulders. Also, there are reports of having to fiddle with the flexible handle to get the position correct, but then having it shift when you move.

The idea of the positioning depending on your movements is not something to worry about as much with a 3-way or tripod mirror because they aren’t touching your body.

A Wall-Mounted Extendable Mirror

Not Portable

A wall-mounted extendable mirror can help you see the back of your head in much the same way as a tripod mirror and an around-the-neck mirror, except it is not portable because it is attached to a wall.

Need Another Mirror

And, as with the other 2 types of mirrors, you will need another larger mirror to use with the wall-mounted mirror to see the area on the back of your head.


Extendable mirrors also tend to be double-sided, providing the option of magnification for finer grooming tasks.

An Affordable Example

An affordable, basic, and highly-rated example of a wall-mounted mirror is:

The Amazon Basics Wall-Mounted Chrome Mirror

The wall-mounted extendable mirrors are a popular choice for hairstyling, makeup, and shaving, but they do have the drawback of being mounted and not very portable.

However, they are starting to include more features such as lights and better rotation, so they may suit your needs if they fit your environment.

Final Thoughts

All of the choices discussed above will give you better viewing for the back of your head. However, what you choose will depend on what your circumstances allow and your preferences are.

If you want one portable mirror, the best choice will be the 3-way mirror. It’s affordable and you can take it wherever you go. Plus, you don’t need another mirror to make it work.

The other 3 choices will require another larger mirror to see the back of your head. That’s something to consider, plus how portable you need it to be.

The wall-mounted products aren’t portable, while the tripod mirror and around-the-neck mirror are easier to carry around.

As always, before you make a purchase, do your homework and take the time to research for the best option for your lifestyle and budget.

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