What Type of Mirror is a Makeup Mirror?

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What Type of Mirror is a Makeup Mirror?
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People call them many different names … sometimes they are called cosmetic mirrors, but they are most commonly referred to as makeup mirrors by women or as shaving mirrors by men.

They are most useful in the bathroom or shower, depending on how you want to use it.

When you are browsing online or looking through catalogs, you will often see these mirrors being called table top mirrors or magnifying mirrors. Sometimes they are referred to as pedestal or vanity mirrors.

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There are dozens of designs, features, and styles to have a different one in every room of your house. Some illuminate your face with various light settings, and some magnify your view.

But what type of mirror is a makeup mirror?


There is a wide variety of mirrors that allow you to select based on your preferences and style.

A metal-framed mirror is designed to stand upright on a table top or vanity and is typically heavier for added stability.

They come in finishes such as oiled bronze, polished chrome, black matte, and brushed nickel.


Foldable stands and plastic frames are made for easy storage or traveling. Some of the lighted models even come with batteries so you can use them anywhere.

You can also get a wall-mounted mirror which is great for a more permanent spot where you do your makeup every day.

These mirrors are great if you plan to set up great lighting.


Good lighting is the key to properly applying your makeup. But how can you guarantee consistent lighting from one environment to the next. Or from one time of day to another?

Makeup done during the day can look much different when done at night, even when the goal was the same look.

The ideal makeup mirror has warm white LED lights built-in to the frame, offering you a natural light source that shows you an accurate representation of what your makeup looks like.

You can normally adjust the brightness of the LED lights to simulate the environment you are going to be in, such as a darker theater or a bright office.


Most makeup mirrors are double sided; one side is a normal mirror while the other side offers magnification. Magnification can range from 3X to 15X.

The magnification allows you to precisely apply mascara, foundation, eyeliner, or lip color, and can also be used for inserting your contact lenses.

Magnification mirrors also let you use tweezers for hair removal and other grooming with ease.

The ideal magnification for someone who doesn’t have vision issues is 5X.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, be sure to try out different magnifications without them on to see if they are the correct level for you.


A makeup mirror is normally located conveniently in your bedroom or bathroom if it is permanent.

Table top makeup mirrors are very versatile, allowing you to move and use them anywhere you want; this is ideal as you can sit in front of a window or outside to get bright natural light.

Wall-mounted mirrors are great space savers and let you swing and extend the arm until you have a comfortable viewing position.

Just bear in mind that wall-mounted mirrors need to be installed at the correct height for use when you sit or stand.

It also needs to be able to move where you want it without knocking into cabinets, doors, or shelves.

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Tips for When Looking for a Makeup Mirror

Tips for When Looking for a Makeup Mirror

  • A metal-framed mirror is heavier and more stable, but plastic is great for traveling. So consider what your primary use for your makeup mirror will be.
  • When applying makeup, LED lighting is the best option as it gives you the most natural reflection.
  • LED bulbs are around 70% more energy-efficient than almost any other kind of lighting and they will not get hot when in use, which makes them great for makeup application.
  • The higher the level of magnification, the more distorted the image will become.
  • Makeup mirrors that have an adjustable light setting are more versatile, allowing you to apply makeup for various environments.
  • Makeup mirrors are also typically concave mirrors, which means they are bent inwards in the middle. This allows you to get an up close image of your face effortlessly.
  • Unlike regular mirrors, makeup mirrors come with a few features that are uniquely suited to applying makeup flawlessly, such as magnification and lighting.

If you are on the hunt for a makeup mirror, the above information should help you find just what you are looking for.