Why a Concave Mirror is Used for Makeup or Shaving

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Why a Concave Mirror is Used for Makeup or Shaving
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We all know what a mirror is – we see them everywhere every day. But when it comes to mirrors, there is a type to apply makeup or to shave, and that is a concave mirror.

This type of mirror provides an amount of magnification that enlarges your face – even your pores and hair follicles – making your features as clear as possible so you can accurately and evenly apply your makeup or close shave your face.

It may sound strange to you, but a concave mirror is much better than the type of mirror you would find in a car or in your bathroom.

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The best type of makeup or shaving mirror is an LED lighted concave vanity mirror, which most makeup gurus swear by.

This type of mirror is often seen on TV fashion shows and is what makeup artists use when applying makeup to actors and models.

It magnifies your features so that you do not have to get closer to the mirror to see better.

What is a Concave Mirror?

What is a Concave Mirror?

Concave mirrors bend inward in the center.

When your face is put between a focus and the concave mirror, it will reflect a magnified image. For your face, a concave mirror can even reflect the pores and hair follicles on your skin.

Concave mirrors are used as makeup mirrors or mirrors for shaving. When applying your makeup, you hold the mirror close to your face.

This lets you see a magnified version of your face which is very helpful when trying to achieve accuracy and precision when shaving or applying makeup.

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How Does a Concave Mirror Work?

The way in which a concave mirror works can be explained by the laws of reflection.

As there is a curve in the middle of the concave mirror’s surface, an angle (called an incident angle) is present. This angle is where light hits the mirror’s surface.

Based on where the light hits the mirror, the mirror can emphasize the light much in the same way camera lenses focus on light and create an image.

Concave mirrors enlarge whatever is being focused on, unlike a flat mirror which simply reproduces what is being focused on to a more or less life-size reflection.

Because of the curve in the mirror, whatever part of your face is being focused on appears as if it is floating in the air. This lets you hone your focus on that specific part of your face.

Why Use a Concave Mirror for Makeup or Shaving?

Why Use a Concave Mirror for Makeup or Shaving?

Simply put, a concave mirror magnifies images at a short range, which means that you gain a clearer representation of your face.

This is important when doing precise tasks like a close shave or applying eyeliner or false eyelashes.

Let’s be honest; shaving and applying makeup can be a shaky experience at the best of times. It is a fiddly activity that can have some unattractive and downright painful results when done incorrectly.

With a concave mirror, you can focus properly on your eyes, mouth, eyebrows, or any other part of your face to carefully and precisely apply every part of your makeup.

For a close shave, or when shaving with a double-sided blade, a concave mirror lets you properly see what you are doing, meaning you will not accidentally nick or cut yourself.

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Final Thoughts

Concave mirrors are undoubtedly the ideal mirrors for applying your makeup or shaving, as well as any other tasks involving your face, such as dental care.

This is thanks to the excellent magnification that they offer you when you step into the focal zone.

Understanding the laws of reflection allow you to see why a concave mirror is used for makeup or shaving as it works to magnify your face, allowing you to focus on each part of your face.

Unlike regular flat mirrors, a concave mirror can reproduce real images of your face that aren’t distorted and fuzzy – true images of your face at a much more magnified level.

Concave mirrors are typically used as makeup and shaving mirrors, and there are so many to choose from.

They vary in magnification levels, size, materials, design, color, and light bulb type. Selecting a concave mirror is quite simple once you know what your needs are.

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