Have you ever finished your makeup and it looks fine in the mirror, but then you take a photo and it looks different, maybe even not so good?

Why Does My Makeup Look Better in the Mirror?

What you need to keep in mind is that applying makeup is like an artist creating a painting. It requires the right lighting.

Any good artist or photographer will tell you that the quality of their outcomes largely depends on the lighting they work in. So you need to apply this to your makeup application and any photos you take.

Let’s look at lighting and other factors for this issue.

Why Does My Makeup Look Better in the Mirror?

The right lighting makes all the difference to makeup application and photos, and there are other things you can consider, too.

Make Sure to Use the Right Lighting

When you apply makeup, the kind of lighting you use matters.

For the best results, you need to use lighting that’s as close to natural light as possible. To achieve this, you can place your makeup mirror in front of a window with full light or you can use a lighted makeup mirror.

Adjust the Lighting on Your Mirror

If you’re using a lighted mirror and you can adjust the lighting, change it to match natural light as closely as possible. It will give you the best results.

On a lighted mirror, you’ll want lighting that’s soft white light just at the beginning of turning cool. It will mimic natural light the best and most mirrors use good LED lighting to get this desired result.

The Lighting on Your Phone May Be Different

So, given the above info, it follows that if the lighting you use to apply your makeup is different than it is on your phone or in the space where you take your photo, then your appearance may look different.

And, keep in mind that a phone camera is generally less able to take a good photo than a regular camera. Plus, how much do you know about taking photos?

Unless you have a very expensive phone, most phone cameras are not the best quality. Although, they are getting better. So, it follows that your makeup may not look as good as when you first applied it in the mirror.

Take Phone Tutorials for Photos

If you don’t know a lot about taking photos in general, and on a phone in particular, then you might benefit from some tutorial.

If you do a search for tutorials about taking selfies or photos on a phone, you’ll turn up plenty to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve.

Pay Attention to Angles

Another thing to take into account is the angle of your head and body. If you use one angle to apply the makeup and then stand or tilt your head at a different angle when you take a photo, it may make your appearance look different.

Again, this probably something you’ll learn more about in a good phone camera tutorial for makeup and selfies.

And so, it’s a good chance that your makeup looks better, or different, in the mirror because the lighting you use to apply it is not the same as the lighting when you take the photo or selfie.

Learning more about how this works will help you prevent it from happening and get the most consistent results possible.

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